Family Fracas- Lion Pride looking for active players

We are a well established alliance with strong core of active, experienced players. Very friendly and helpful. Currently working on 7-8* titans and having success in wars.

Our rules are simple.

  1. Attack titan at every opportunity. Every hit helps.
  2. While we encourage war participation (great way to learn) you can opt out. If you don’t opt out and don’t participate, we don’t need you.
  3. Have fun. This is a game. It’s meant to relieve stress not increase it.
  4. Ask questions. This game takes time. There is plenty to learn. We are here to help you grow.

Low cup requirement. Look us up. Give us a try.


Not looking to switch, but wanted to let you know that I do like your message - it tells me a lot about your alliance’s range and values. GL with the recruiting! :smile:


We have had some player transitions and could do with some fresh blood!

Activity, enthusiasm and desire to progress is most important. All budgets welcome. Newer players also welcome. We will grow together.

Chatty or not chatty are also ok, as long as you are keeping an eye on chat and following instructions.

As @Nomerian says, war participation is optional but we would like you to be sure to use that opt out button if and when you can’t participate.

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as Perilin said,we don’t mind occasional or non chatty players :slight_smile: , we are a very relaxed group but all willing to help those wishing assistance.
Current titan range is 6-8
alliance wars we are by default in but any player may opt out when ever they chose, we also have a secondary group for those that for one reason or another find they are unable to put in daily play on titans. Holiday breaks/personal breaks or simply time out of the game or 2-3 days a week slow down, we can accommodate also
search family Fracas or fracas
we are Family Fracas - Lions Pride