☀ Faiez – Season 5 Hero – 3* Nature / Green: Thoughts, Discussion & Summon Results with Feedback

He gives boosted health and gives immunity to status ailments, he’s awesome. Plus, his passive means he can fire off even more boosted health.

I think you were smart to level shrubbear. I use him as a flank to Treevil. He’s also a good counter to Treevil on offense because if his taunt is active, he can take consecutive Treevil hit no issue.

Good luck!

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Li seems like the worst W3K 3star by far.
Sudri (S3) and Waqas (S5) are both red 3star slow speed hit-all heroes and both seem much more powerful than Li. So if you are looking for a strong AoE hitter choose one of the other 2, can´t really say which one of the 2, but certainly not Li.

Faiez on the other hand is amazing! Both as anti-treevil in very fast and for buff booster tourneys (with double buffs). His overheal makes it even better!

I think even cJahangir hits stronger than Li.

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Faiez is amazing, he is my first overheal hero ever, and he’s been an MVP this Rush tourney!


The OP is now contains the latest Sun family balance update change.

It s seems everyone likes him as a counter in VF vs Treevill.
However good that is… is it worth levelling him aside VF tournaments when you already have different options (grevle, shrubbear,…)?

I can’t see his use in other tournaments aside VF, especially since I don’t have mana speed improving 3* heroes (aside another slow green)

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Yes number 1 use is definitely the best treevil counter to date. But more than that he is generally amazing in VF wars, best VF healer in 3 star world. I think I used him every single attack last week in the no-treevil-VF tourney.

He is still worthwhile to consider for Buffbooster tourneys, with his big range of capabilities, which include a double buff. Grevle is of course faster and has an attack boost, but only 1 buff. Shrubbear is a whole differnet kind of hero and doesn´t take away from Faiez and is not especially strong in buff booster tourneys, because he only buffs himself and does very little damage that can be boosted (lowest attack stat out of all my heroes, not sure if another hero wit lower attack stat even exists)

Obviously Faiez is not for bloody battle.

Uses outside tourneys: He can occasionally be used during very fast wars against Alfrike, as he does protect from her just as well as from treevil. Of course it depends on the team around Alfrike if that is feasible, but since there often are only healers and taunters around her, he does not take a lot of damage. But he´s a budget solution for people that don´t have the premium 5star counters, like myself.

But even if you do nothing but 3 star VF tourneys with him, he´s still worth it. There just isn´t a better one. I mean how many 3 star heroes do you know that are top notch for more than 1 or 2 tourneys types or outside tourneys?


Sudri (S3) and Waqas (S5) are both red 3star slow speed hit-all heroes and both seem much more powerful than Li.

Waqas is hit all, Sudri only hits 3, and he is at average speed not slow.

I think Faiez is great, his status ailment block is by far his best skill. I already have Grevle who use specifically for his overheal, not so much the attack boost so Faiez will certainly be included in my 3* lineups.

Are you maybe thinking Ei-Dunn? She is avg speed hit 3 in Season 3.
Sudri is definitely slow speed and hit all, highest potential damage output of any 3 star hero if I am not mistaken.

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Forgive the error, I misread the op.

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Would you be willing to share s screenshot of the path you took? Thank you! :blush:

You do not need a screenshot for embleming any heroes, but especially not healers, they are very easy to emblem, since attack is a useless stat for them.
Just compare left and right side of the tree, if there is no attack on one side go that way. If attack is on both sides choose the side that has defense.

Or to say the same thing in a different way: Always pick the path that has defense, if both sides have defense, pick the one with HP in addition.

Also, never pick healing or crit damage, they are useless, unless you have an extremely good reason to.

And most important of all: Don´t worry, going “wrong” once or twice is no issue at all. The difference is minimal.


Here’s my Faiez and talent path, which follows the path Gargon outlined above, hope this helps


What do you think which to choose for Faiez - crit or mana? I am only interested in 3* tournaments.

Theoretically there doesn’t seem to be many options for him to charge in less tiles, so maybe crit?

Thanks in advance for your answers.

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Mana, it will charge a bit faster.

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Maná, cargará un poco más rápido.

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Have they changed something in the timing of his passive now?

Seen somewhere that a change has been made in regards to how wandering mindless from the pets is supposed to interact.

Old school if Faiez got hit by Alfrike and fired a mindless attack his passive could cleanse the rest. But the passive appears to be firing differently now? I’m somewhat confused by this in honesty and would appreciate some thoughts.


I do not recall any changes on S5 passives.

Someone is saying they were changed in the last update but I can’t see anything mentioned? They don’t normally make changes without it mentioned so it’s a mystery.

The shifting MA got changed a few updates back

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This may be known, but not by me. Can someone tell me why Faiez’s passive is more likely to activate than Rekhetre’s?

My wee gardner has a 70% to activate:

And my L’il Catty healer is but 60%:

Is it a matter of hero type or speed? I was looking at my S5 3*s and noticed the difference.

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