Exclusive currently needing 2 recruits


If you enjoy killing titans and improving your team, our alliance Exclusive is needing 2 more recruits. We are currently taking on 7* titans and would love help.


We are taking on an 8* right now and could use some help! Still 2 spots open


Still looking I may be in the market for a new alliance


Yep still 1 more spot left. We been facing 7* right now


Maybe come over tomorrow. Need to think and say goodbyes


Hi, I m french but i speak english a bit, so if you agree i would like to join your team. LV 20, My défense team power is 2643. 1389 trophies. 24718 highest titan damage. Active 3 to 4 hours a day.


Give me a try I’m very active.


Awesome we have 2 openings again


Can you send me invite?


No invites in game, just search


What is the name of the alliance?


Alliance name is ‘Exclusive’.


Glad you found us! Welcome :slight_smile:


Name is “Exclusive” we have 1 spot left


Exclusive has two more openings! Webare not as exclusove as our name sounds. We do ask that you have 1200 trophies. Taking on 7-9* titans