Exalted Warriors(EW)

Exhaulted Warriors(EW)

Is recruiting a handful of like minded team members to fill our ranks. We have a healthy mix of f2p, c2p and p2w members who are 100% participation in war hits and as close to 100% participation on titans as we can. Currently 4 spots open, looking for 3500+ TP players. We use LINE to communicate msg me in Line:Rhea1123 or come on over we are open come check us out :slight_smile: we are currently hitting 9* titans

Iโ€™m active person with a bit lower TP :slight_smile: but still growing!
Can you check my CV? :smiley:

Thanks for the reply! Im fairly new to posting and after a while of trying to google what CV was, im assuming its your qualifications? How do I go about finding them?

Yup, CV is Curriculum vitae. It was a joke :slight_smile:
I canโ€™t add You on LINE. My IP is giolancer.
My current is 2xTP is 2,4k because I have two almost full teams.
Globar rank around 800-1k.

Haha gotcha, unfortunately our leader is fairly strict on the 3500+ (and i didnt mention in my original post 2000 trophy+) . We are looking more so for player that fit in somewhere in our top 2/3. Our lowest player is actually at 1200 trophies but got grandfathered in from a merger. Theres thousands of allainces that would love to have you :slight_smile: but for now we can keep in touch on Line if you like

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