Exalted Warriors (EW) - Open allaince looking for new members

Currently 1 spot open! We are a very active alliance who is laid back but also participates fully on titans and wars ( wars optional, but 6 flags if joining) . We are all self motivated and have built an allaince with only members who contribute to helping the allaince succeed.

-Currently killing 9* titans ( and usually the first 10*)
-Co ordinated allaince wars

  • friendly group, most North American but a few Europeans
  • Line for info, chat and war strategies ( not mandatory but recommended)
  • 2000 trophies is our requirement, we are Open come look for us and try us out :smile:

Still looking for 1 more to make us whole. Come check us out :smile:

2 spots now available. We are now comfortable facing back to back 10* titans without to much problem. Looking for some active members to get us full and move onto 11*s . Good bunch of people here, feel free to stop in and say hi and see if you are a good fit. We are open :slight_smile: