Establishing an Alibi

Husband and wife alliance looking for serious players. We haven’t been around long. However we are getting frustrated with new members who do not participate in Titan battles or in War.
We would like to move the alliance forward and fight bigger Titans and larger wars.

We are pretty easy going, just ask for participation.

Look forward to new members


If you are having a difficult time growing your alliance, our alliance has a good mixture of new and seasoned veterans. We take down 6 star and occasional 7 star titans and are looking to be a little less casual and more serious. We currently have 1 roster spot, but I can make it 2 if you feel it’s a good fit. We are at “together we’ll win”.

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Thank you for the offer! We currently have 6 members. 3 of the members are myself, my husband and my son. We are frustrated, but to the point of dissolving the alliance.

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Tough position to be in. There is a global chat in the game that you can try recruiting…I was able to get one person that way, but it typically doesn’t work. There are a few facebook groups that also assist with recruiting. I have an easy spot for 1 and per our group rules, I will probably boot another person tomorrow. We are a decent teaching alliance that is pretty active. I’m not sure when we’d have room for the 3rd person though…possibly in a week. Good luck whichever direction you take.

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Do you use the Line app at all?

Hi there Heather, You could check out our alliance if you want. Deadly Souls. We currently have room for all 6 of you if you’d like.

Good luck either way :smiley:

Thank you again backwardzz. You gave me a few other ways to recruit.

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What is the Line app?

Thank you RoamingLizard. I like your alliance name too. I’m still trying to keep our alliance. This is my first time recruiting. Crossing my fingers we will get a few good players. Good luck with your alliance as well.

Understood! :smiley:

Its an app used for messaging. many alliances have a group chat for their alliances.

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Hey there! If you are still stuck we just moved all of our very active and fun players to our new alliance, people are still moving over but they’ll be room if you’re interested! We are called Fried Chicken Ninjas

If not all good, just thought I’d offer :slight_smile:

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Still trying to build our alliance up. But thank you for the offer. I love the name you all gave yourself!

My husband and I are looking into Line and Discord. Any help or hints on how to use are also welcomed.

We are now on discord for those who like more interactive team play.

Love the name, great choice! I’m not looking but want to wish you luck.

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Thank you! I love your screen name :laughing:

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