EMPIRE FRIENDS is recruiting 6 serious players!

Hi all! The alliance that is certainly the most fun to be in, EMPIRE FRIENDS, is now recruiting new members! We’re a bunch of easy going, yet dedicated E&P players who have a strong desire to win. The alliance is currently comprised of 24 members from all over the world. Chat is English language based, and we tend to be a talkative bunch. Wether it’s talking strategy for wars & titans, offering advice on how to best build your bench, or just goofing around, there’s almost always communication of some sort going on. The trophy requirement to join isn’t terribly high (1200,) but we do require that every single war ticket and titan ticket be played. We’re consistently taking down 8* Titans so we’re hoping that by adding some additional members, we can start taking out even stronger monsters!

Not to sound overly sentimental on a recruiting message, but it is a great alliance to be a part of simply because it’s full of great people. So if you’re looking for a new alliance to war with, look up EMPIRE FRIENDS and hang out with us for a war or a titan and I guarantee that you’ll enjoy yourself so much that you just may stay.

Worth adding that we are active on Line as well. If you’d like to reach out and ask any questions prior to joining, don’t hesitate to message me (@Spokes) as I’d be happy to address any questions or concerns you might have.

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