Emblems for Kage

Is there any consensus on paths to take for emblems on Cage? Need a bit of direction as to attack or defence.

Attack. He’s very fast mana, and does all his damage when opponents are relatively healthy. He needs to maximize his early hit opportunities. If he dies thereafter…eh.


That’s what I was thinking and more “bleed” if it procts. Just didn’t want to make crucial mistake I just maxed and have 3 tiers worth of emblems.

You can play around with the spreadsheet by @kamikaze_assassin to get a feel for what the different paths look like. In fact, I’d encourage it, since it’s interesting to see how options play together.

But he’s really a glass cannon, and living longer doesn’t proportionately increase his damage output like it might for some other heroes. I’m going straight attack paths on mine.

@Gryphonknight @FraVit93 @Kerridoc @Dante2377 other thoughts?

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By that logic, would you also recommend taking the attack path for extremely fragile heroes like Guardian Jackal?

Jackal is a debuffer first and a damage dealer second, so it’s a very different question. If he lives long enough to fire multiple times, he can really boost a yellow stack’s damage.


As I’ve written elsewhere

You’ve got to accentuate the positive
Eliminate the negative
Latch on to the affirmative
Don’t mess with Mister In-Between

Emblems don’t let us both accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative, so I’m focusing on the “accentuate the positive” path. Attackers get attack, healers/utility get defense than HP.


So I almost have Delilla ready for emblems as well, so defence health is best for her and minions as well or is that separate case?


Defense and health are perfect. Those are the positives of a healer like her. You can’t boost her attack enough to make the minion damage matter more.

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Thanks guys. 20 characters

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I would go for every attack path. (Kageburado)


I use three rules of thumb:

Rainbow team ( especially your first rainbow 4* / 5* team ) heroes DEF&HP while color stacking ( Empire’s hidden buff ) heroes gets ATT

Game changer heroes DEF&HP while niche heroes get ATT

Heroes that get special skill or talent boost to DEF get DEF, HP get HP and ATT get ATT.

Wu Kong is both my rainbow 4* team yellow and a game changer so he gets DEF&HP

Wilbur is a color stat hero which would normally get ATT, but he is also a game changer so he gets DEF&HP

Ameonna is not on my rainbow team, is not a game changer, Delay works best with matching/ tile damage, special skill boosts caster’s attack and she work best in a 2- 4 purple hero team so she gets ATT, ATT, and oh yeah ATT.


Kage is a solo hero, not a team hero. So most useful on a niche or color stacking team. Kage’s Special is most effective in the first half of a battle. So ATT, ATT … and ATT.


An none of this would matter if reset rules did not make it impossible to experiment, have fun with, or be quirky with class emblems.


Like Boldtusk Delilah is a fighter that can revive four times in a row ( 1 in 123 chance at 5/5 Revive ) with full mana if in Center position. So maximum HP. This boosts both Delilah’s immediate heal on herself and all her minions.

She can heal damaged heroes and give 100% HP heroes minion HP shields so the longer she survives the better her special skill so maximum DEF.


Not having kage, I hate everyone who does and can offer no advice on this path. :smiling_imp::smiling_imp::innocent::innocent:

EDIT - if i did i’d prob go attack.


Exactly why I love my Kage :heart_eyes:

Totally understand lol

Atk+Def for sure , Defense over Health always

Only for heroes in your defense is “Def>Health” a safe rule, IMO.

I have Cage and Delilla for main defence. My other dilemma is I have Magni Frida and Ariel and mats for just one. Love Magni but thinking scopes for Frida just because she’s Paladin for main defence to keep me in Diamond. It’s a tough one because three four months down the road I can see you’ll need your main defence to be emblemed or you’ll get bullied. The cost on 5* is perplexing. So I figured make my defence emblemed and use the other classes for 4* {buddy, gladerius, proteus, Wilbur all at 8 tier and I’m destroying in wars)

Too much thinking in this game lol.

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