Emblem Path – Do you choose the +2% mana generation or the alternate path

For a sniper hero, i have prioritized choosing the Attack path for emblems.
For a tank hero, I have prioritized choosing the Strength path for emblems.
I have chosen to strengthen my heros strengths rather than improved its weaknesses.

Seems a majority of the time when I get to the branch of selecting a +2% in mana generation the alternate path is Attack / Strength option of the hero.

Would like to know which path others have selected. Do you choose the +2% mana generation or the alternate path. Mana generation can be improve by leveling troops, but taking the +2% mana regeneration would require lower level troops to achieve the 1 less tile to charge up special power.


I dont choose the mana node on any hero

If you’re leveling troops which is inevitable really
You’ll hit lvl 23 troops at some point. Even without heavy spending.

And really the only mana breaks to be concerned with:
Vfast= 7 to 6 tiles
Average= 10 to 9

Rest don’t matter much in terms of 3x3 matches.

With emblems, especially on 5s i always go for the stat increases over other perks

Crit, healing, mana, can all be gained with troops and without the troops they don’t amount to squat anyways

Exceptions would probly be if it’s an average 4* hero that you’ll reset at some point anyways then i could see takin the mana node for temporary use, especially on a healer(keep in mind costumes are different as they need much lower troops than when u dont have the costume)


Does it affect mana generation on defense?

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best to use the hero for there stronger abilities! And who else you use In your team! Most my 4* are 7-9 emblems jackal n ammennoa are higher as they hit fn hard :skull_and_crossbones::ok_hand::+1:

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I’m currently working my second mana troop to 17, so with some average speed heroes I may select some mana nodes, not 100 on that though. Will mess with it when I have to make that choice on a few important heroes.

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Not really

I mean for any average mana, they’ll typically be in front 3

For mn or alby i would rather have a defensive troop

Dont notice a difference in fast mana wings

Vfast sure but they only need lvl 11 so…

Just from my experience

On defense

Not being able to kill a tank with 3 mono tiles due to defense node and crit troops is a lot more noticeable to me than a hero firing a turn sooner


I have three Jackals. I took the 2% on one of them because I only had one 4* lvl 11 mana troop. I brought another 4* mana troop to lvl 5 so that one goes on my 2% Jackal and the 4* lvl 11 goes on the other. My third has a 4* lvl 9 crit troop. If I’m attacking with all three.

Anyway. Troops are dang spendy. That 2% can shave a tile sooner. Others are right though. One day you’ll have all the troops you want leveled. Some day. It’s a grind.


I generally avoid, but it depends on what the other option is.

With Proteus for example, at 19 you can choose between mana or +2% healing bonus. I think healing bonus isn’t worth much so I’ll take the mana. Some might not take a hero all the way to 20 in general, but that’s another topic.

While it’s true that you eventually hit the higher targets with mana troops, but when you get to the point of levelling additional troops for stacking it might still be useful. For example if I have a raid team including Kage and Proteus, I’d ideally like to bring my best troop for Kage to increase attack, and have another troop that’s just enough to shave a tile for Proteus.

Getting a rainbow of level 23 mana troops is hard enough. Getting 3 or more sets is almost unthinkable.

Not saying that the mana route is always best, but it should get carful consideration. If you know that hero will never get paired with that lvl 23 mana troop or will never get a costume, you might want to take that mana boost.

I look at Ammenona and only see that she vanishes. No attack special and her special only makes her not hittable. So WHY level to say the least about embleming(I’ve got her @1-1but dont know why Ive kept her)

I did choose the mana node for alasie, Alice and Evelyn as I currently got level 23 mana troops and it will take ages, until I have a set of level 29 troops.
So it’s for me currently the best choice as two of the three use the level 23 troop on defense.
and depending on my other heroes, also on attack.

I chose mana on certain “secondary” heroes who would benefit from a mana troop under 23.

Example: Jackal got the mana node because just a level 5 mana troop is easy, and Delilah doesn’t have to give up her 23 mana troop.

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I chose mana on Seshat. I know it doesn’t come in to play a ton, but since I have lvl 23 mana troops, charging her with a 4-match and then a 3-match has won a few raids for me.

I only have lvl 15 mana troop so I gave Seshat the mana increase of 2%. My understanding is that once she fires, her 4% boost, 2% node, and 9% from lvl 11 mana troops, gives her 15%. The 15% allows for her to charge with 7 tiles instead of 8. Is this justifiable, or is 7 tiles not much of a difference?

Why not just level your troop up to 17, if you’re that close already?

Well I started with crit troops and they are at lvl 15, started mana after I obtained them, and just got them to lvl 15 recently. I am out of food so lvl 17 is far away still.

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Look at her attack! Then when she in ghost gets +82% on top that! Hits harder than a 5* actually in ghost prob hits harder than anyone in the game!

I chose mana on buddy and I’m happy I did because him charging at the same time as Evelyn, liannna and Kingston is basically necessary. It’s one of my best teams, 9 green tiles is a victory every time. I just have to avoid Gravemaker teams.

I’d choose mana node on average mana heroes whenever possible assuming you have lvl17 troop or even close to it. Like somebody else said making one lvl23 troop will happen eventually but TWO lvl23 troops, that’s not so easy :joy:

Right but you have to look at the whole picture. She has a good self-cleanse and self-buff, but compare with Rigard costume who cleanses entire team, boosts attack to entire team, and heals entire team. 5 heroes at +48% is going to do a lot more tile damage to one hero at +82%.

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