Emblem Dilemma... Ursena vs Lady of the Lake & Onatel vs Sartana

Hi everyone…

I need suggestions / ideas / insight on who I should emblem.

My Defense Team right now looks like this:

Marjana > Lady of the Lake > Ursena > Onatel > Kingston

I am currently speed leveling Sartana (was saving my Tabard for Kageburado but since I fail to get him I decided to just do Sartana instead).

My problem now lies with emblems… to be spesific, Ursena and Lady of the Lake shares the same Sorcerer class whereas Onatel and Sartana shares the same Wizard class.

I was planning to change my defense team to look like this:

Sartana > Lady of the Lake > Ursena > Onatel > Kingston

But the emblems is giving me a headache.

Anyone has any idea what I should do in this situation?

Oh… and is this Defense team alright? I have no Healer in the Defense team right now… but so far I am in early Platinum and this kind of Defense team seems to be doing fine so far. I only faced problem when I enter Diamond (which I occasionally do) but whenever I was in Diamond I will just let the cup drop so no problem so far.

For information, these are my other notable 5* heroes that I have:





Queen of Hearts

And these are 4* that I have though I’m not sure if this is important or not:


Captain of Diamonds

Little John

Cheshire Cat

Li Xiu
Wu Kong
Hu Tao

With all the information above… :

  1. Who would you emblem with regards to Ursena vs LotL and Onatel vs Sartana.

  2. Or maybe I should even change my Defense Team and put in someone else? (just assume everyone I posted above are maxed level)

Thanks everyone…

LotL is a very strong healer but I would still ascend Ursena.
Same for Sartana, she is a great sniper but Onatel is just more useful than her.

As a defense I would suggest you to run this one to “keep it rainbow”:


Ursena and onatel for emblem. They are great. Focus ursena on attack and onatel on defense path


Similar to @FraVit93, I was going to suggest a different defense as you have 2 green and 2 purple. I don’t like your blue options so I think your green may be okay. I was going to suggest QoH as a flank with LotL instead of Sartana. You have a few options to play with.

With two purple and two green, I’d raid you 3-2 yellow and red. However, I do different tricks with Ursena because of her special. But in general, there is a weakness there.

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You should level Ona and Ursena

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Will Kiril be alright there? He is in the same class with Onatel, which means he will have to share emblems with Onatel if I were to bring him in.

Good suggestions on Grazul though… I totally forgot I have her lol… :joy:

This is the first time I ever heard of having Ursena emblemed on Attack path. I have always been under impression that tanks should be emblemed through Defense and Health path instead of Sword / Defense.

Any particular reasoning?

Yes this make sense. Thanks for the suggestion.

I’m planning to level all 4 of them as I do have all the required ascension materials now. The only bottleneck is feeder as I have been going crazy in power leveling Kingston and then Ursena, which took almost all my Rugged Clothes from 5000+ now left only 100+ something.

But Ursena, LotL and Onatel are nearing max now. Only Sartana is left but it shouldn’t take that long before she reaches 4/80.

Problem then would be who gets the emblem and who doesn’t.

I agree with this. There is far-reaching value in Ursena and Onatel over Lady of the Lake and Sartana respectively. Ursena when fully ascended can wipe out entire teams (hitting all enemies) not to mention her ability to reflect Holy for all allies for what what seems like the entire fight.

Then there’s Onatel. Strong damage to a target and nearby allies trumps a single-target damage dealer almost every time, and that’s no exception here when weighed against Sartana.

You want to wipe out as many enemies in as few special skill usages as possible. That’s why Ursena and Onatel weigh more with me than the Lake Lady and Sartana.

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With my defense team in mind I wouldn’t use emblems on Kiril… he will be replaced by a better hero later :slight_smile:

I would spread the emblems all over those useful heroes. There’s no need to speed it up on some particular heroes, since the whole game is a long grind and the only goal is to have as much fun and variety as possible.

One can’t achieve anything except finishing quests, hitting titans and being competitive in wars and tournaments.


I went defensive for my Ursena because I use her as a tank. I have an alliance mate who went awesome and has an attack over 800. I’ve copied a post below with a few thoughts. You can check them out and continue the discussion if you so choose to.


Why would you want to change Marjana, which is an awesome wing, is beyond my understanding… Once talented, becomes the toughest hero to take out on the wing with one exception, Seshat. Marjana is the toughest rogue in the game, therefore is a nightmare as wing…

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