ElThamer Heroes Classes & Trial Combinations

Hi there everybody,

I am happy to introduce the following illustration, which summarizes heroes and classes in the game.

Legends are there at the top and side sections in both English and Arabic languages:

This version includes all heroes in the game up to next’s month (January 2021) hero.

and as high resolution image:

Moreover, as you asked mates, here is another illustration I’ve done for Trial Combinations:

and as high resolution:

I wish everybody a happy new year and best of luck everybody, enjoy it :slight_smile:

Best regards,

P.s. Thanks @zephyr1 for your encouraging and kind support,
Note: Updated 29th December, 2020


You’re welcome, and thanks again for creating this! :heart_decoration:

For anyone reading this who worries about the usage of unreleased Hero images, we got permission from the Small Giant Staff to use them for this so it could be released now. :slightly_smiling_face:


Looks amazing @ElThamer!!


Well done, it looks great!


The chart looks excellent!
Anyway, I would like to make a suggestion, and that is removing the costume version of heroes, as we cannot emblem them in that path, so it only contributes to misunderstanding of how the embleming of such heroes work, plus it makes the chart more crowded

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Au contraire : I like it for class trials as it is :see_no_evil:

I know it’s much work…but maybe a second version without costumes might be possible someday :thinking:


That is actually an excellent counter point!
In that case maybe an alternative solution can be put on?
Otherwise not bad letting it that way, the chart looks great


Love the chart, I especially like the fact you have the costumes versions on. Amazing work @ElThamer

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You are most welcome and thanks to you again @zephyr1

Thanks mates, happy to know that and you are all most welcome :slight_smile:

Thanks mate, I put the costume version just to clarify to others the costume path they should use in the original hero to upgrade the talents in the way that the costume class is more beneficial. :slight_smile:

I already created it and it’s up there in the original post :+1:

Finally, appreciate your warm replies and encouragement, and if you have any more suggestions or whatever please reply,

Best regards,


Hi everybody,

I’ve updated illustrations with the latest heroes as of today 27th, March 2020.

Best regards,

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Looks great. …

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Hi there,

Updated illustrations with

  1. New heroes Costume
  2. Season 3 new released heroes today
  3. next Month’s HOTM.

Best regards,

really great job ! congratulations !
I love what you do and I would like to use it for personal use.
Could you please share your portraits?

Hi mates,

Updated illustration with:

  1. New heroes
  2. Family icons
  3. HOTM until January 2021
  4. link with high resolution images of the illustrations

Enjoy it mates and happy new year to everybody :slightly_smiling_face:

Best regards,


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