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LOL…here we go again! My hero can’t win matches by herself! Waaaaaaaaa! She’s only on 90% of the top defenses in the game and limit broke by all that have her. Sure, let’s buff her!!! Why stop oat Fast? Aiming too low, let’s make her VERY FAST!!!

Edit: you must REALLY think Hannah sucks too if you think a fast Elizabeth is in order! LOL!

Because Elizabeth is one of the best heroes already.

Here we go again. Elizabeth is mostly good in combination with other heroes that have minions or fiends or heroes like frigg. If you put her in the same team with some of season 1 5* heroes I don’t see her shining. And yes I have her and I say my opinion cause I don’t have dozens 5*. What’s the problem? Further more heroes like Frigg are OP not Elizabeth.

Why should Elizabeth be buffed to fit in with your roster?

If you buff her what will happen when she is in a synergy based team?

Why was Telluria nerfed? Because of the team synergy, not because of standalone reasons.

While I agree, that Elizabeth is a support hero who sets it up = slows & weakens opposition, for others in her team to collectively kill & win, I don’t find FriGG being OP.

After more than a year of FriGG & post a nerf, still reading complaints makes me :rofl:

Think, out of multiple times of FriGG experience, all 100% times, she doesn’t create mayhem = which is what OP means & does !

  • Real power of FriGG depends on number of nature tiles on the board, so take away those tiles.
  • I use FriGG & clear the nature tiles regularly… I have no complaints facing her.

I feel, seeing FriGG creates the BIG danger panic, which impacts gameplay = the real issue.
Well, SG is going to release more board tiles powered heroes, which will require player’s choosing what to face & what to clear… instead of panicking !

  • FriGG, OdiN, AleX, Octros, Caitlin, Rian, etc are those types… that create panic. FriGG’s DD adds to that panic…

Gotta deal with the panic instead of complaining OP !

I used to feel that. Now I don’t even feel that when both Frigg and Morel are nestled up next to each other. Why? Because I have counters! C Mel and D’Andre are both excellent counters (also to Elizabeth!). Then I have also started playing with an LB shrubbear who has introduced the wonderful world of taunts to me. And I don’t even need those counters if I can get the purple tiles to mana control Frigg or any other danger hero.

As it stands in the game I don’t think there are any S3 heroes that are OP, and possibly only squid face in S4. Some of the heroes from the new portals could possibly qualify, but time will tell…


I didn’t want to spell out many possible strategies / choices of solutions to deal with the mentioned heroes = its not my responsibility to coach players how to play.

Yes, I can share something, but, it is each one find their own way forward, based on how keen they are…
clearly is lacking in complainers, who will complain, no matter what…

Good to read you found your style. My biggest counter to all types out there is LoLo… who I aim to charge faster than the Big impact in the opposition ! It’s FuN !

  • The amount of mana given by Malicna, Frosth, Yang Mai, Elradir and Devana’s respective Element Links reduced slightly.
    SG ruined the whole mana generating HOTM series , but Elizabeth is fine… Fools
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