Elemental Chest Frequency - days tracking and results > estimated between 4 to 16 days

Thanks and welcome to the party :slight_smile:

Just updated - had a very high one - almost 50 chest spawns! Maybe that is the upper boundary (50) if that indeed is the format.

I have to admit the pattern so far has been one in the 20’s followed by one in the 40’s…

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It feels like it’s been a long while since my last chest. I don’t feel like I’ve ever gotten one after only 20 something normal chests, but I’m going to take some notes after the next one and see. Good stuff here.

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The speculation in here is a floor and a ceiling for how quick and how long you have to wait - I’d say it’s probably based on chest fills not actual day duration as you can see I am pretty religiously filling chests. That said, my alliance member said he got one in 3 days after his last one…so who knows.

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Just updated for the latest data…hope people are finding this useful…

Just for info. The other day I had consecutive dark elemental chests in the raid position. I had regular hero wanted chest between those


I just updated for the ‘mission’ I had it on, M = Monster H = Hero T = Titan (yet to happen for me but I’ve seen captures showing it is possible).

@talisax - how far apart were the consecutive dark chests on the raid position? If you recall. Literally like one after the other meaning a day or so?

12hrs apart. Finished one 12hr cool down and the next one was dark again

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Well, maybe this is a ‘trying to make something out of RNG nothingness’ scenario and human nature trying to make sense of it, maybe any chest at any time can be it. I’ll try a bit longer but this is helpful if it truly is just an RNG thing.

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Nice…I might get 1 elemental chest every couple of months if that.

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Posted an update. Seems like I am at least range bound for these, though I know others have posted faster (and slower) times.

After I posted I don’t get ekemental chests I got a nature monter chest on the 23rd.

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Somehow, I got a second elemental chest within the last few days. At the same hero chest slot at that.


I want your secret! Gimme! :grin:

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I always assumed after you get elemental chest in a slot, it would be a little while until it returned to that same slot. And I rarely hurry raid chests along.

got 2 elemental quest too at hero slot last two weeks. Mine was a week apart.

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I had 2 in raid slot that were consecutive. Only ever had one in titan slot

I think it’s interesting that I seem to be range bound, and some of you other folks have better luck :slight_smile:

I got one on friday and another one just popped up… Same Heroes chest.
Hope this one can compensate previous which gave me ONLY 2 scabbards and crap altogether

Does anyone know whether or not ‘randomness’ is affected by speeding chest restarts with gems?

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