Elemental chest 15 days to pop

only 15 days , i cant recal the last one which was somewhen end aug early oct asaik


You are lucky. I think in the last month i had 1…

And didnt have a holy or dark one yet…

22 chest for each elemental chest?
You have a LOT OF LUCK.
I open 125-130 chest per month and I get 4 elemental chests (on average)

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Martin, I told you to not complain about this… lol



I had them come 3 days apart, others close to 20, most in the 7-10 day range opening the same amount of chests. Seems like it’s working fine to me. I’m closing in on a year of tracking.

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Seriously 20 days apart so basically the average is 10 with a stdev of 10. Wow that is crap

You’re soooo lucky. Literally I’ve seen like 3 elemental chest in 5 months or so…

It is RNG-based.

Therefore, you can have terrible luck.

Random is random, odds are odds.

I do wonder if there is logic, however, to prevent you from getting 2 in a row. I have never, ever heard of anyone getting 2 in a day or two on back-to-back chests.

I have heard of people getting 2 in a week.

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So SG is admitting to horrible stdev with respect to an elemental chest popping

This has been reported. I can’t recall who, but someone indicated it had happened.

It was on your data logging topic:

So does this topic need to be moved to ideas and suggestions. I don’t like accepting the fact that you can albeit supposedly have a chance at waiting 20 days for an elemental chest. It’s hard enough to get mats why pour salt in an open wound

I have been now 32 days with out Elemental Chest. Hahaha

It has been 2 months for me and I don’t complain. If it happens it happens if it doesn’t it doesn’t oh well

How many chests do you open per day? I don’t think it is set to occur a given amount of time. Otherwise, there would be no point in spending gems to skip the chest wait. It is most likely a given percentage chance each time the chest spawns. Generally, it takes about 30 - 40 chests to receive one, but there is a quite a bit of variance that I’ve seen in others’ reports.

It’s totally random. Do you skip chests? If so, I know when I don’t skip chests, I see them every two weeks; when I do skip, it’s typically weekly. Though, sometimes there’s an extra week [very rarely two] added onto that every so often; it is frustrating but you will eventually get one. Unfortunately, this game is all about patience, and it seems to love to test your limits at times. All I can say is maybe skip some more chests to hopefully have more opportunities at one and/or be patient and keep plugging away. Good luck!

Finally got nature chest

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What gave you the idea that elemental chests were supposed to be common? They aren’t, SG doesn’t claim great stdev, doesn’t matter what you expect.

Maybe the Devs saw you complaining here and decided they better give you a nature chest to shut you up?

I never claimed the chests were common. I said it was highly unusual for myself to not get a chest past 10 days. Even randomness follows rules

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