Does wanted mission timer reset affects chance to get elemental chest wanted mission

Does wanted mission timer reset affects chance to get elemental chest wanted mission?

Not 100% sure what you’re asking… each time a new chest spawns you get a chance at an elemental chest. The amount of time remaining on a chest does not impact it. It’s an RNG roll.

I meant if i use diamonds to reset wanted mission do i get lower chance to get elemental chest wanted mission?

To my understanding you have to do to a certain amount of chests before you get the %roll possibility to get an elemental. This means you cant have an elemental chest back to back.
By using diamonds to speed up the respawn on the missions, you will get elemental chests faster. I usually do 4 mission per day with diamond resets and I get a pretty solid elemental chest every 2 weeks and a half (give or take 1, 2 days), been having this cycle for a lot of months now.

Ok ty very much that explained it.

Establishing a hour in a day to fill the two chest is the first step to the most effective gameplay. The best hour is obviously after the hour the tournament starts, but it is not mandatory.

Rule no.1 First one is ALWAYS the heroes chest. The reason is simple. If it spawns an elemental instead, you can fill it and the monster chest simultaneously, saving time and WE. If you skip the monster chest first, you may have a very unpleasant surprise. To spend WE to complete it and after whether an elemental spawns instead heroes chest, you need at least a flask because you wasted WE on monster chest first. So, ALWAYS heroes chest should be completed.

Rule no. 2 The established hour to remain the same every single day, you need to skip the chest. 53 minutes are enough for anybody to fill a chest. And skipping the chest when are 53 minutes left costs only 1 gem. So, this rule not only hastens the elemental chest frequency, but also assures the hour for completing the chest remains the same. This is very important. Choose a hour when you know may be online every day. And 12 hours later. After completing heroes chest, the same thing for monsters chest. Not every day it is necessary to skip this one, because doesn’t take more than few minutes to complete it. Btw, the best hour for a player to complete the chests is like I said in the beginning and the explanation comes with…

Rule no. 3 To complete the heroes chest in the mentioned 53 minutes (but shouldn’t take more than 15), you use the 6 flags for raids and 2 attacks at tournament. This is why I said the best established hour is after the tournament starting hour. Unfortunately this task cannot be accomplished by anyone. For a player like me is easy. I rarely lose on my raids/revenges. And rarely I lose attacks at tournament (for example, at this tournament I lost only 1 attack of each account and I’m with both on leaderboard). So, if you are good, you can complete a hero chest in 15 minutes and 12 hours later to repeat the operation with the remaining attacks. In weekend, when there is no tournament, I use flasks to remain at established hour. As a hint, for having easier raids/revenges, stay on your arena at limit. The rewards are the same for 2400 trophies and 3000 trophies. And like I said many times before, the trophies don’t make anybody richer, healthier or smarter. SG doesn’t build you a statue either… To remain to a certain number of trophies in the chosen arena, anybody can ask me, because I know and tested various defenses for a certain amount of trophies. For example, to stay day after day between 2400-2500, the recommended team is 4000 - 4100, with only flanks legendaries. The other 3 heroes should be emblemed epics. I do this for a year. And for a year my defense keeps me at 2400-2500, no matter how many times I am attacked. And as I already explained, keeping the low limit of your arena, it gives you very accessible opponents, therefore a very quick chest to fill.

Respecting these 3 rules, you may have an elemental chest almost every week. As I do. Many times happened to have 2 elemental chests in 5 days.


From my understanding you get an elemental chest after every 30-40 chests filled. Not sure if that has changed or not though

Not really, it varies a lot. Here’s my tracking

i get prob 2 a month one always during Atlantis for the last 4 months! May of broke it as didn’t do much farming or raids due to the fact it was Christmas n I was pretty out of it :+1::woman_shrugging:

Reports of back to back and two at once

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