🧪 Early Information on the Path of Valor [Part of the Beta Beat v25 & v26]

I really hope this isn’t the case. Seems like they are getting desperate to milk the last drop from the game. Between power creep, new buildings, costumes, tournaments and now this valor idea it’s getting a bit exhausting. (Both time and money)


Can we be told what the current reward system is for paying non paying for Valor? I know it’s subject to change but wtf if we can only speculate

I’m not going to post the placeholder rewards in order to avoid spreading incorrect information.

It’s not just subject to change, we’ve been explicitly told that the current rewards aren’t correct.


Path of Valor is the only thing currently being tested in Beta, right?

Did you get an answer about Hero Academy? I know it has been delayed… but any indication on a time frame or maybe a brief explanation about where they plan to go with it… this has been a huge topic on the forum, people hoping and speculating. They must know.

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Yes, at the moment.

I heard back that they’re discussing it with the game designers to see if they can give us a sneak peek or an update.


Beta Update

As previously announced was the plan, Beta has now closed for evaluation of feedback on Path of Valor, and additional development.

I’ll provide further updates when Beta reopens.

Updates about anything in Beta other than Path of Valor will be in the main v25 Beta Beat thread: 🧪 The Beta Beat (v25) – Path of Valor, Dec/Jan/Feb/Mar HOTM, Bug Fixes – Sharing the Big Picture on What's Going on in Beta


I hope the mechanics don’t lead to things like people being “forced” to level or even ascend unwanted heroes because of goals that suit a specific part of the playerbase. But overall it seems like an interesting concept.


I think 480 rings a bell to me too.

Here comes VIP or Premium VIP

If a strong player can’t kill 5 enemy heroes on strong enemy teams with 6 flags … they’re not a strong player.


“…If E&P has shown anything in it’s history, it’s that this playerbase never feels it’s fair for those who put in more time and effort to get more rewards than those that don’t…“

Apparently time, effort and money.


^^^ THIS!! I couldn’t agree any harder. The complaining is because players think they need to be as good as a level 88 team… only without putting in time/energy that the lvl88 player put in.

If you’ve got 3*heroes join an alliance that has low level opponents and fight matches enemies.


Path of Valor? More like Path of Grinding. The new relics are worthless imho, raising iron output from map when my main source of iron are Watchtower/Raids? Yeah thank you but no thank you. Ascension mats and such are nice though.

Yes. Around here it is 100% the “haves” who complain if anything gets easier for the “have nots.”

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Seems like unnecessary clutter in a game that is already getting too cluttered. And of course a new way to pay to get ahead. The direction of this game is so depressing.


If the gap between F2P and P2P is too small, then no one will pay for it.
It needs to be commensurate with the cost.
We want Value for our $$$, and SG wants our $$$.


This feature sounds great and also very long over due. The game has produced enough heroes that it has well been time to have purchasable things to DO with purchased items and this is a great start.

Strongly feel that there needs to be more things to do intralliance to encourage teamwork and get people to log in daily. But this is a great way to have people make time to do things in a game in actually enjoy playing.

The price should be reasonable and the difficulty of some tasks should be harder for the paying players if they are receiving more items. All for more things to actually DO in game instead of more things to purchase.


I was able to complete all ascension quests in one day.
Ascend 5 Heroes to Tier 2.
Ascend 5 Heroes to Tier 3.
Ascend 5 Heroes to Tier 4.

I was lucky to have all heroes needed and many feeders in camps but still I think this mission is the hardest along with Raid missions and there is also a Complete Special Event mission.


Hardest? For me it is impossible :slight_smile: As for raid missions, for me is the easiest challenge. Also the event. But I see how what is easy for me, it is very difficult for others. And vice versa.

Ascension to Tier 2 and Tier 3 can be done on the same five 3* Heroes and ascension to Tier 4 can be done (and will be 100% done) on five 4* Heroes. It is easier than it looks on paper.