🧪 Early information on the December 2021 HOTM -- Hanitra

Dodge is the easiest special to counter, just hold your own specials for a couple of turns till it fades away on its own.

Although Hanitra might be an issue for that tactic as she gets mana from every new buff and her 2nd charge starts with 15% mana once she has fired the 1st time.

Dodge is not that easy to counter in my experience. Waiting a few turns can get your whole team wrecked in high diamond by the time the dodge is over, as you’ll still be feeding the enemy with mana with your tiles. By the time I can safely fire my specials it’s often too late. Most of the time I just take my chances and fire my specials.


I found a way to over come dodge, I take a dodge hero on offense as well and it is all so funny when they dodge and you dodge and everyone dodges. I use Inari 29 troop to most fights and especially against c Kad. teams. It is really funny when m team dodges almost all the specials and then the foxes pops and gives me mana boost. It should be interesting to see how the next few months move forward with dodger.
I am starting to like my Russell as he manages to hit thru the dodge as well. it should be a good learning too

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Costume Sabina → the enemy will not get any buff
For me this is a direct counter 100%
works also with taunt
just need to fire before dodge / taunt and you have a perfect counter


Yep, and there is the caveat. Plus, she’s ultra frail even when maxed with defensive emblems and limit broken.

You can fire her after taunt, and she will help you too.

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True, but that’s not what we’re discussing here - it’s about a counter to dodge :wink:
and Sabina costume is perfectly designed to avoid dodge in case she fires before or to dispell it when she was late for avoiding it…

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Sure, but if you manage to fire before, also other heroes don’t get the buffs from taunters (like atk+ from BK)


I dont know about you guys but since I got her the successful attacks in raids that i am having are increased and the cups remain the same. So she is doing a great job.
Same in wars.
Devana Hanitra Uraeus , the best HOTMs of 2021


But that’s the rub is trying to get your average hero primed before the fast hero. I get that she can counter her before she fires and so does onyx but the number of times she will fire before the fast dodger is very slim. Then your left with a weak Sabina who is going to smoked if you try and wait out the dodge,or now your forced to leave the match up to the RNG gods as to how many people you can debuff and how many will dodge. Just hate that part of the special. I don’t mind any other special in the game but abhor how it turns the match into more of a slot machine than a strat game

Best way for you and others that are scared by dodge: reroll for another opponent…

I am not 100% sure if Hanitra can dodge dispell like C-Kadilen, but it can be at least tried no?

Still, dispell is the main counter for dodge…
Or waiting until dodge is over…


I was happy to get hanitra, always having depth vs vfast alfrike wars is key. I already have a bunch of alfrike answers though, lord loki, lepiota, gazelle, malosi, inari, even joon, or moreau for blind helps. so, i am curious which way to go when i get a few more darts, either hanitra, or i also got Poseidon costume (deals 480% to target and all allies are immune to status ailments for 3 turns), which i think Poseidon-c will be more veratile, so leaning that way.

Before this month i had only ever gotten Vivica costume (granted i never spent gems on costumes, only free pulls). In the last month i’ve gotten Poseidon, MoNo (already had her +19) and Krampus. Good month for heros!


Very true. I spend quite a bit of ham avoiding the c Kadilen. Will do the same with her.

So I use inari almost ll the time now on offence and that makes Hanitra equally desirable for a different mechanics. But why I love inari better is coz of her higher dodge percents but Hanitra is fast and her innate ability makes her dangerous. My encounters with Hanitra vs Inari have been good so far.
I would still take inari on offence for her higher dodge and damage. On defence Hanitra will be better due to her 95% dodge rate.

I am lucky enough to have pulled both. Inari had been sitting at 1/1 for a long time, but since she received a buff, I began working on her (currently 3/58). Hanitra is in line to be worked on, but so is Guardian Gazelle. Not sure who I will work on next, but both will be brought to 3/70. Haven’t had a chance to try Hanitra out yet, but I’m definitely looking forward to it. She seems like she will be fun to use, especially since I don’t have c Kadilen, just Inari and Margaret.

Please push Gazelle, one of the best attack booster in the game…
(despite you have Miki / Tarlk, I would really consider her next.)

Will do. Was lucky enough to pull her last Guardians in my 1 10 pull I did. Wasn’t expecting anything, but had been wanting Gazelle for a while. She will be next once Inari gets to 3/70, then Hanitra. Thank you. :blush:

The hero is already release.
You can continue discussing Hanitra here: