🧪 Early Information on ROUND 4 Legendary Season 3 Heroes (Gefjon, Lord Loki, Odin, Thor) [Part of The Beta Beat V31]

Thor looks like the end of this game. (And the final axe in any sense of balance or proper game design that the the early versions of this groundbreaking game had). Get ready for defensive teams with multiple copies of this ridiculously over powered monstrosity

It takes him 12 tiles to do what drake does In 9 tiles. I disagree


Hi, @dreamwagon,

The appearance rate for legendary featured Thor will be 0.3%.

So, multiple copies of Thor, this is either a jackpot in a jackpot, or one lousy hacker that the SGG can easily deal with.

Therefore, the end of this groundbreaking game is not expected.

Yours faithfully,


I think you need to check your math. Drake is fast and Thor is very fast, thor will do significantly more damage to more heros given 12 tiles.

@Hexa back when Ursena was the most OP hero in the game, many defensive teams had two copies of that hero too (and it sucked). People will overspend to get multiple copies. They don’t need to hack.

I don’t need to check anything. Thor only hits one target on his first charge. So he needs 12 tiles to be able to fire his second special.

With 12-13 tiles, Thor will make 280% damage to a total of 4 enemies. Note that his mana mechanism doesn’t work the same way as the ninjas charge mechanism. You charge and fire the first special, next time he charges he will fire his 2nd special and the third time he fires his 3rd special.

Yep I know. 280% isn’t really much damage unless paired with defense down of some sort. I’m just failing to see where he’s this amazingly OP hero

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Most likely to only three as at least the tank or one of the flank will be dead by the time you get the necessary 12 tiles.

That is if we are talking Thor as the attacker, he will be deadly on defense.

Well in defense there is only 3 chances out of 5 that he hits 4 in 2 charges I would even say less cause there is also a chance that one of your central heroes are dead or that you snipe thor before the second shot :wink:

Now you are talking about two copies, not multiple ones. That’s better.

Ursena? She looks here like an off topic; she is a hero from Atlantis, not from Season 3.

Nonetheless, Ursena has been a Featured S2 Hero three times already: in March, August, and January. I will not analyze probabilities, etc. here. In my opinion, this is a quite possible case that someone was able to pull this beauty out twice during these months without overspend.

Back to the main topic: Thor comes from Valhalla. So, he will be a Featured S3 Hero only once, and this will happen this month.

Teams? With multiple copies?
No, dear @dreamwagon, in my firm opinion, this Thor will not a coronavirus for the E&P.

Best wishes,

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