🧪 Early Information on ROUND 4 Legendary Season 3 Heroes (Gefjon, Lord Loki, Odin, Thor) [Part of The Beta Beat V31]

Per the master V35 Beta thread:

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Not usually, unless they are also a hero. Ursena was tested. She was tested late though as I recall. If there is a s3 boss who will be a hero, I could see that testing happening as late as February since it would be a March release.

If I remember right, Ursena was released with Muggy.


Ah right, Ursena enter beta at early May and was released at the end of May…

But if the final boss become a hero and is released at March, who would be featured at February? Thor and Lord Loki will be featured on December and January (don’t know about the order).


You’re right. I’m off a month.

Lord Loki is this month, and Thor is January.

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If I recall correctly, both @Kerridoc ( we miss you ), and @madmarv, pointed out that the later Season 2 stages were not tested in Beta.

While the bosses at SGG care mostly about the profits, the game studio does attempt to put out a good game ( shout out to @mhalttu for his brave forays into the public forum ).

It is possible the Devs will not Beta test the final stages of Season 3 to preserve the mystery for the first players to complete it


Season 2

(🔱 End of an Era: Atlantis Season 2 Final Stages Releasing — FAQ & Discussion)


([Discussion, Roadmap] Did Zynga change SGG roadmap for Empires? or Delay roadmap)



Lord Loki Beta Info & Stats (extremely likely to change)

Rarity: Legendary/5*

Attack: 774
Defense: 743
HP: 1312

Class: Wizard
Realm: Jotunheim
Element: Ice :snowflake: (Blue)

Mana Speed: Average

Special Skill: Trickster’s Mischief

  • Copies target’s Special Skill and uses it as if it was the caster’s own Special Skill.
  • If the target does not have a Special Skill, or it can’t be copied, the following Special Skill will be cast:Villain Swing
    • Deals 275% damage to the target.

İt says ;

  • If the target does not have a Special Skill, or it can’t be copied,

my questions are,

1.can someone pls give an example even if there is a 3* hero which does not have any special skill

  1. which cards (hero(es)) or wording is against copying special skills


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I thought about this more for non boss monsters. They don’t have special skills so instead you can still do something.

thank you, that seems to be the case :slight_smile:

Are your saying that ninjas are bad on defense?

All Heroes have specials skills, there is no 3* hero without special.

Most monsters dont have special skills though (the ones you encounter on world map)

Ninjas are unpredictable on defense as the AI randomly choses when to fire unless hero is almost dead in which case it fires when it can…I have managed to stop Ninjas using 2x or 3x charge shots using this knowledge when raid against them. Particularly useful with Jade and Garnet.

I believe @PodyMan is just point out that Thor is significantly more reliable on defense and can’t be baited into firing early with a lesser hit.

Do you have any explanation Lord Loki’s skill? “If the target does not have a Special Skill, or it can’t be copied”… What does “it can’t be copied” mean? My alliance members are wondering what it means. And they would also like to know if Lord Loki can copy the special skills even if they are not charged yet. You mentioned above that Lord Loki copies Ninja’s 2x if Ninja has 2x when copied by Lord Loki. Does it mean Lord Loki can only copy the already charged, triggered or fired skills?

I believe the one “skill that can’t be copied” at the moment would be Lord Loki himself. What happens if Lord Loki hits another Lord Loki? I think this reason alone is why they added that “can’t be copied” bit into the wording. I’d expect the Villain Swing to come out in that case.

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Lord Loki is currently the only hero who I know of that would result in “can’t be copied”… Trying to use Lord Loki on Lord Loki would result in an eternal loop if they just kept copying the same skill over and over and over…

There may be others but I can’t think of any.

For the ninja heroes, if they have no charge, he will just copy 1x skill. Same with Thor.


Would titan skills be able to be copied? As a sort of super-boss one might expect not.

Usually titans hit all, so if Loki copies, he wont do as much dmg… but burns for example would work nicely

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Sounds good. Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

Thor looks like the end of this game. (And the final axe in any sense of balance or proper game design that the the early versions of this groundbreaking game had). Get ready for defensive teams with multiple copies of this ridiculously over powered monstrosity

It takes him 12 tiles to do what drake does In 9 tiles. I disagree


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