🧪 Early Information on Round 2 of Tower of Styx Heroes [Part of The Beta Beat v50]

The Styx reflected his ailment. His ailment was reduced to 1x from 3x

Ended up reflecting 1x ?

Only way to test this is to get DD for 4 turns.

Styx hero reduces to 2x.

Does he reflect 2x or 1x still?

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What is “level property” ?

And what happen if the ailment is on Isrod or C2 Obakan since their buff can make their ally gain mana multiple time ? Will they really receive 150 damage for every times they gain mana from that buff ?

Kornel template, right ? :smile:

Is Virgil special skill name also I.I. too ? :rofl:

I just tested this against a hero that inflicts DD for 4 turns, and the enemies received DD for 2 turns (the same as the Styx hero) - so I can confirm it copies the DD on the OG Styx hero :slight_smile:


Anyone know if we will get all of the new heroes this week or just two?

@Elioty33 predicted all but 3, charon thanatos and amphitrite


It can be Biomes / Stage effect and probably Blessings too.

I think yes. 150 damage / turn, and maybe the same applies to HoTMs around Yang Mai where small amount of mana gain is the elemental link.

Probably, checking and fixing… :slight_smile:

It is Poet’s Protection


That’s gonna be definitely OP

Oh, thank you. I forget about those thing :sweat_smile:.

Is it really “150 damage per turn” or “150 damage per each time an enemy’s mana is increased” ?

Isrod and C2 Obakan buff are able to gain mana many times in one turn.

So, not I.I. :sweat_smile:.

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That sux. Charon and Thanatos are the best ones lol. The rest are so situational and meh.


i do agree, im holding up my coins

Per each mana gain
But if you get mana every turn then it wio mean 150 / turn.

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Is this tower worth pulling?? or should I save gems for Season 5? :pleading_face:

Save your gems for season 5. All the heroes aren’t even here yet for this tower event.


Hello, yes I agree with King save your gems for an another event. Season 5 is a good one! Good luck :slight_smile:

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Don’t pull for these heroes and expect them NOT to be nerfed.

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Unless you like the ones released most of all. That way the pool is slightly less diluted.