🧪 Early Information on ROUND 2 Costumes [Part of The Beta Beat v29]

I have to add that Melendor is particularly helpful for hard map levels. The new hard Valhalla levels are already quite challenging for those of us who do not have all those shiny 5* heroes. Melendor’s HoT and defense boost help me a lot to stay alive in stages where 1900+ HP mobs deal more or less 400 slash damage.

Also, I find him awesome in PvP offense. If I don’t stack green, I often take rather Melendor than my Lianna, Kadilen or Horghall :slight_smile: especially in case of Kunchen tanks.

Haven’t had the luck to draw Rigard’s costume yet, but I suppose he’s a real beast :smiling_imp:


Costumes to me where sold as a way to improve older heroes and make them more useful/competitive. Never mind the fact that you have to pull for them again(Still missing a costumed Melendor).

In the first batch of costumes we had some standout changes(Rigard, Melendor, Sonya and Elena). Seems we are going to have 1 or 2 more in this round. My issue with the rest of the costumes is how formulaic they seem/are.

If you did Atk up now you do attack down, If you dispelled now you cleanse, If you were a sniper now youre bulkier and do less damage. You can gain some attack % and lose out on your secondary ability or the reverse. Rinse and repeat to all the heroes and now you have their costumed version.

I was hoping that costumes would highlight the best abilities of the heroes and make them better at it. Adding in useful secondaries when necessary or adjusting existing ones if needed. Which in a sense is what their doing but it seems so uninspired and unimaginative.

Take little John as an example, his costumed version provides a lower hit than his original at the cost of being a little bulkier. Not enough for it to matter in most cases and then add on a butchered second ability and we have a hero thats better in its original form. I myself would’ve been happy to see his attack bumped by 15/20% and them calling it a day. Not taking away his strong hit and mana slowdown which is the one reason to use him.


What I’m really curious about is whether we’ll see some balance changes before they’re go live. There were some tweaks in the first iteration, so there’s some hope these guys aren’t finalized yet. But if they don’t change, please let’s not bash the beta testers.


I think you hit the nail on the head on costumes for average speed heroes, it makes such an incredible difference to shave one tile off that on that basis alone it could be worth it. Stats boosts are a great bit of icing on the cake.


Ok, not really done anything with my costumes other than for Richard 5* Ice who has a maxed costume.

I will get around to maxing the costumes even if it’s only to improve the stats of the original hero.

But my question is, of the existing Round one hero costumes, is there a list of must always use? ie always better in costume rather than without one


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closest to that, I think, is @Guvnor’s topic here: Costumes... Whats the Point? Which is Better?


I don’t think so, though I’ll second the Guvnor thread that’s already been linked. I would have said Boldtusk should never be costumed, but now vs. Telluria tanks it’s possible he may fare better as a Monk in that one situation. I think I remember thinking Joon costume would always be better than Joon regular, but I don’t have it so I haven’t looked at it for a while.


I actually prefer the original Joon for the higher blind %.


Useless would prefer her original. Or maybe should make her the opposite of her original.
*All enemies get -50% defense of special skill.

Really really weak / slow version of GraveMaker.
The best is make him hit all. Instead of 3 people.
You can make Clarissa first to hit all with very fast Mana but Azlar only hit 3? :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Well you will never see for sure people use this costume with so many Green dispeller.
Would be nice if you change him at least 100% counter and plus taunt for 4 turn (we supposed to have 4 stars taunt Hero now)

Another weak style with compare to Original LiXiu with costume which is fast now with only lvl 5 Mana troop.
He is not very promising. The best to cut 25/30? Or maybe other effect.

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@zephyr1 Do you have any sense when these new costumes will be released? Do you think testing will be done before the next costume event?

Probably a safe bet. I’m sure pulls on this months costume portal went down since the likelihood of pulling nothing but dupes was extremely high with the lack of available costumes. You can tell this is their attempt to get more pulls on the costume portal.


It seems plausible that they could be ready for the 20th, albeit a little rushed.

We should have more of a sense of that in the coming week, based on how much revision there is in Beta.


Please just make Azlar fast or average speed and you have all my money coming your way. This change at slow will be just as trash in my opinion.

For what it is worth, Elkanen’s costume has been underwhelming in beta at best. Defensively I’ve seen comparison of him to Drake. While true that they hit similarly (Drake does hit harder though), what people are missing is that Drake is not a great defender simply for his damage output, his blind creates some very tough decisions for opponents as to whether or not to fire their attacks and can cause tiles to miss and drastically shift the outcome of the game in that way.

On the other hand, Elkanen provides a smaller hit and the secondary ability is almost never going to alter the outcome of a match in your favor. Because of this, you will see others mentioning his beefyness and suggesting him as a tank. What costume proponents are failing to mention to the public (aside from the fact that even under ideal circumstances he isnt a big momentum swing) is that the vampirism disappears as soon as Elkanen dies. So, basically his secondary ability only has any effect if you charge your healers (the overwhelming majority of which are average or slow speed), have failed to kill him with tiles at that point, AND forget to kill Elkanen with the specials from the rest of your team that have almost certainly charged at that point before using your healer (unless you’re running a whole team of slow hitters and average healers. Weird team comp, but i guess Elk is a hard counter to that setup)


On the flip side, I pulled a bunch this month because 1) wanted Rigard costume before the pool got diluted (success), 2) to try and get Telluria (no, but did during Valhalla).

I’ll go back to using only free keys and hoping to get 5*. But few are as big of standouts as Rigard, Mel, and Sonya in the first round. But maybe we’ll see a month or two in.

Offensively, costumed Elkanen deals a whopping :roll_eyes: ~325 damage to up to three heroes. Yes, he hits harder if you have Evelyn and debuff the opponent first, but so does every green. Also, having it be mandatory that you have a specific HotM from well over a year ago to make Elkanen not perform like a joke isn’t exactly a selling point, if we are being honest.


The heal steal will also not be relevant, as healers will either be the tanks (whom you will almost certainly kill if you charge your heroes first, preventing them from firing, or will fire before Elk avoiding the vampirism) or they will be a reviver at the wing whom you’d rather kill than try to steal health from.

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Some really interesting costumes here! Can’t wait to see how they preform and what they look like, hopefully I pull a couple of the new ones.

Why is Karil, an ice rare, doing fire damage? Shouldn’t that be water, lol!

The only occasion when Elkanen’s costume could be quite good is on offence in wars with Field Aid…

What are the Beta testers’ impressions about other not-so-good looking costumes? Azlar, LJ, Isshtak for instance.

As for the really terrible ones–Boril, Prisca, Renfeld–I really hope that they will be substantially different next round.

Kadilen costume could be 48% attack buff instead of 30%. It is really underwhelming the way it is right now. Or if they keep 30% then they could make her a cleanser. So she would be a green version of Zimkitha. She would be really good and worth the tonics (I like her, but I know she’s got a few haters).

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I just see in this addition of new costumes more difficulties to get Vivica’s costume :'(.
They are bad in the vast majority (except maybe Kash and Caed) and are not worth a pull.

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