🧪 Early Information on New Springvale Gameplay & Rewards [Part of The Beta Beat V28]

All added to the pool.

Old heroes still available.

Cool, thanks!

Oops, meant to ask if eht’s were allowed to be used for this event as in previous seasonal events!


Here you go Handy Cash!!!

Yes, you can use your saved EHTs. I will be

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I don’t know why they invent more 5* heroes if it’s almost impossible to get them, it makes the distance between the top players and the beginners and intermediate even greater, making the game boring and stressful.


The updated/ overhauled Springvale Event was introduced in V28.

The event is scheduled to start on the 6th of April 2020


The icon on playstore for the download is different. It’s a titan/dragon. Confused me. Took awhile for me to figure it out.

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Of course we must keep having new heroes, new maps…the game must grow! That is he beauty of playing this game, it continues to grow and keeps your interest. If there were never new and interesting heroes, it would get old and stagnant quickly.
Thanks devs!


In the end, you ended up agreeing with me … what good is new heroes if it’s almost impossible to get them?

hi all, i may have missed, i saw that this will start 6 of april, but how long will it stay on? 2 weeks or more since easy mode added?

Likely just 2 weeks but it is possible that it will get another week given that there is the new difficulty… But I personally think it’s unlikely.

@amrath The icon is of the Blaze Dragon titan.

Has hero academy just hit beta? @zephyr1 @Rook

No, new Costumes have come to Beta, but SH24/25 and Hero Academy are not in the current Beta.


Thank you for clarification, as I’m seeing posts on line groups to say otherwise

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V29 is already in beta? Wow.


Perhaps they’re confusing the previous Beta that accidentally briefly had Hero Academy in it.

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Thank you)

I want to get Lady Woolerton! (20 chars)


i was thinking World of Warcraft Troll Shaman

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