🧪 Early Information on New Return to Morlovia Heroes and Passive [Part of The Beta Beat v51]

I think that @Jomps asked what is the order of her special skill and passive.
If her passive activates after her special, which dispells and cleanses all status effects, how can she steal any buffs? There will be no buffs to steal.

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If only dispel the taunt, still have the buff to steal. (If there is a hero with active taunt on the opposing team.)

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Will Vlad get this passive too? :sweat_smile: If so, will he be better or…?

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Yes, all released Morlovia heroes getting this passive.


I didn’t even notice the health… If i get him… I’m definitely abusing that versus minion tanks.

Morlovia arrives in the begining of October:


How about the quest ? Will it be expanded like legend of kalevala ?

The Quest was not in Beta so I have no information on changes on it, and the release notes not mentioned any changes.

Ps: It seems it is now 6 week long event ?

I have asked Staff about that is it intended or it will be still 4 week long.


Vlad will still be generally terrible, though at Very Fast speed he can steal a lot of buffs… they may not do him much good, but at least it’s like a free dispel on the enemy :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yup that hit me straight away. 42 days.

Maybe it was extended from 28 days to 42 days on account of the WE-related events coming up. The calendar is pretty crowded still


Why morlovia Heroes did not get passives in v51 updated? I mean francine, Victor…

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Just when The event come in


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Have a good read: Version 51 Release Notes & Status


Witch part in particular?

My guess is it won’t be active on existing until the event gets here and the new heroes roll out.

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Halloween!!!11 :jack_o_lantern: :jack_o_lantern: :jack_o_lantern:

My favorite seasonal is upon us and it brings a new passive for my favorite heroes! :heart_eyes: My c.Victor will be most pleased. He’s now by some margin my most used offensive hero.

Ana-Belle looks good. Strong heal and a cleanse/dispel at average speed, and though the blanket cast could be tricky to time I think she’ll be great.

Alucard does a lot. Against minion teams, he can be your healer, minion remover and damage dealer all rolled into one very fast Vampire.

Will Matilda’s +50% increased damage from status ailments boost Victor’s DoT?

Having never pulled at Christmas, I thought I’d skip Halloween this year and save my EHT for then. Seeing these and a new 4* Ana-Belle, I’m already wavering…


I see a number of Wo3k teams in the top 10. Maybe alucard is purposely made to counter them?

The part about the Return to Morlovia event answers your question on its first line!

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well, i didnt ask anything hahah. I just replied that it will only go live when the event goes live.