🧪 Early Information on NEW Rare & Epic Season 3 Heroes [Part of The Beta Beat V29]

I just tested in Beta, and it does seem to include when An-Windr dies.

It seems to also include when An-Windr is dispelled.


This card reads like it’ll be easy to deal massive amounts of damage? Is it apocalyptic, or simply on par with the output of other slow heroes like Jahangir?

I just tested him against the Dark Lord, and S2:10-8N…which are not places his damage potential can shine, so I don’t have an empirical opinion on that.

Feedback on him in Beta was extremely minimal, and pretty mixed, but 3* are notoriously difficult to test in Beta, since there’s no Raid Tournament and very few 3* Defenses set up.

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Ok thanks.

I’d add to that difficulty my suspicion that not many long-term beta-testing players use 3* for more than tournaments so it can be hard to be calibrated to carefully assess how they sit within the 3* tier.

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The one we experience outside beta is map boss so it is not comparable. In map it was very strong, not sure how slow speed will affect its performancw in raid. Might be a good flank for rush attack, not sure about tank as it seems he won’t fire if using skill again when duration remaining above 1.

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Wow! Gullinbursti looks way better than Heimdall, but him is more expensive to level than Gullinbursti. Ok… no revive, but cheaper and more average than Heimdall… so in my Opinion, there is no need to level Heimdall in the furture.

That’s not good to hear. An-Windr will mostly be used in 3* raid tournaments and monthly events.

As it seems, combining An-Windr with a spirit link hero makes him extremely strong (both on offence and defence). It would be great if he could be tested in PvP battles with 3* heroes only to be able to judge him (and also all the other new 3* heroes and costumes).

Would be sad if he were released and in the first 3* tournament it would turn out he is completely OP.

Two more questions @zephyr1

  1. Does his attack boost only apply for normal damage (like Tarlak and Miki) or does it work as a multiplier for his special as well? The An-Windr in map stage 7.10 seems to only boost his slash attack but not his special (otherwise he would deal insane damage with 288% attack boost)

  2. Another question regarding his attack boost (45% + 20% per every hit): When is this capped? Does it stack with other attack boosts (Brienne’s or Boldtusk’s for instance) or do they overwrite each other?

Unfortunately, Beta is closed now, so I no longer have any way to test An-Windr.

But the card answers your first question, and @DaveCozy mostly answered the second.

They’re separate increases, and the attack buff appears to apply to the Special Skill too.

The card reads:

So there’s a damage increase on his attack, and also an increase on his Special Skill damage.

Here are examples of the Boss version dealing massive damage:

@DaveCozy indicates they stack in 📑 Status Effects (Buffs and Ailments) and Stacks

I’m not sure about the cap, though I would guess it might be the same as Berserk, which tops out at 144% (i.e. 5 hits).


there was no cap when I tested him in beta.

And yes I found that they did stack with other attack buffs.

May sound OP but coming from a slow speed skill and dispellable, it’s honestly very underwhelming


Just keep in mind that his Special Skill damage fires when dispelled.

So dispelling him only arrests the further increase in his attack before firing. It doesn’t avoid taking damage.


True indeed.

Somehow not when you cast An-Windr or Gullinbursti again and overwrite their buff though :confused:

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From what I’ve tested in 7.10 normal mode, the damage almost remains the same.

Here An-Windr has 22% attack boost and 148% special attack.

Same battle, same team, only difference is that my heroes have Kiril’s +30% defence. Now, An-Windr has +282% damage and does 168% special damage.

If the 282% attack boost would affect the special attack, damage values should be similar to your screenshots from hard mode. However, the damage output seems to have only increased slightly (due to Kiril’s buff it’s even a bit lower).

The extreme damage values in hard mode are, therefore, almost certainly not due to extreme attack boost values but also occur when An-Windr is at his minimum (+22% attack boost and 146% special attack). Haven’t tested this on hard mode as I preferred not to waste 10 WE on a certain defeat :wink:

Oh, and I’ve noticed another funny effect:

Heroes, like costumed Melendor, who simultaneously dispel and buff their allies’ defence, seem to apply the extra defence begore An-Windr goes off. Hence the lower damage output than in the first two screenies even though An-Windr has +82% attack and 152% special this time.

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Which turn him into 3* version of Quintus.

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The effects happen in the order they’re listed on the hero card. In cMel’s case, the dispel is last, so yes, the defense buff is applied first.


And if Gullinbursti works the same, he raises HP of the enemy team while setting up a Nuke that you cannot get rid of without it blowing up in your face. Terrific, especially in Rush tourneys. I think his slow speed is now more than appropriate.



You Said the Draugr’s name is misspelled. How should the Draugr’s name BE spelled?

It was spelled Daugr initially I think. It’s probably been corrected now. Draugr is the correct spelling, though in modern scandinavian the last ‘r’ is omitted.

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Are these new 3*/4* being added to Valhallla this month?

Yes, I asked the Small Giant Staff about that, and got confirmation back that they’re being added in the next Valhalla Summon Portal.

They were configured on Friday.


Nice! But now I have to decide where to spend my gems between new costumes and new s3 heroes…

I’ll probably have enough gems for 20-30 summons. My only S1 heroes are Elena and Viv. S3 I have Heimdall, Ratatoskr, Freya and all currently in game S3 3*/4*.

Definitely interested most interested in Almur and Agnes out of the new S3 3*/4*.

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