🧪 Early Information on Mythic Titans [Part of The Beta Beat V33 & V34]

Is Hades a Dark Titan or an Ice Titan? Either way, the Mythic Titans are missing one element.

Does it mean whatever difficulties we choose it has one leaderboard? Not separate for each difficulties?

Happy to have more titan content in the game. The focused, timed battles are probably my favorite daily activity at the moment. Do we know the frequency of which they’ll appear? Will they get the monthly event treatment of will they show up on their own timer?

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Thanks for all the info. We’ll have to see how it turns out in the end but it sounds interesting to me so far.

A question, does the attack boost from the difficulty level count towards the attack boost “ceiling” of heroes like Miki? For example the +50% for the Extreme difficulty on top of Miki’s 130% boost would already go past the 170% maximum stacked boost. If the answer to this is yes, I think it’s going to matter with strategy, in combination with Mythic Aura especially - it might make sense to save Kiril in this example until you’re a few rounds into Mythic Aura ailments.

Also, I would assume Jott’s ice shield enhancements overwrite those of Ilfrit… is that right? Btw I’m not sure “enhancement” is the best word for inflicting only an ailment essentially on the ice shields, but that’s an unimportant detail.


There is:

  • One leaderboard for biggest individual hit
  • One leaderboard for most individual damage
  • One leaderboard for most alliance damage.

That’s it.


I’m not sure tbh… I don’t know how one would test that either tbh :stuck_out_tongue:

The attack bonus goes in like a family bonus does & is shown on the hero card (in battle) in green +xyz above their attack stat.


I have already made a bugs/issues thread in beta to this effect. It should say that the shields are DIMINISHED not enhanced.


thanks again Guvnor for all your hard work! this is very well done, well organized and clear.

so bench depth - or managing whatever bench depth one DOES have - is also important indeed. hmm… maybe keeping and ascending a 2nd Wu Kong might not be such a bad idea…

Stoked that I opted to level a second Wu after Ninja tower event.

Question: with regards to each of the lanes having a watcher versus the mythic titan itself having the watcher, how does that effect captain of diamonds special? Will he hit each lane, hit one randomly or just hit the titan?

My Captain of Diamonds may finally get some love pending the answer.

I guess similar questions for gefjon (sp?) and grimble.

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Thx @Guvnor for the very detailed informations. It was really worth waiting for it :slight_smile:

A quick question:
You can choose the difficulty level once when you enter the Mythic titan event for the first time or you can choose it for every single battle ?

I know, I just misunderstood thinking that each difficulties have different titans and leaderboards.


As alliance performance is one of the loot categories, is there a Way to see your alliance mates scores if they are not showing up in the top 100? For example in the current events or raid tourney, unless someone is on the leaderboard you would have no idea how they are doing.

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So the aliance ranking is based on the total score. This is advantageous for alliances with a lot of members And disadvantageous for smaller alliances of friends or family alliances.

In my opinion, it should rather be based on the total score divided by the amount of alliance members. This number describes better the quality of performance of the alliance and I think IT would be more fair.

What do you think about that? :slightly_smiling_face:


That would only encourage small alliances of very high players. There is no good solution to this problem, that I can think of.


There is a part where it says that each leader gets their own loot. Is this perhaps a bad translation into my native language? Or is it that there will be extra prizes for the leaders?

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That’s a great question. We’ll definitely see many requesting to see a tab to see how their mates are doing. This could splinter some alliances that border on active v casual if the more active members feel the others are not doing enough.

Top 10 4* Ascension Material 1% :man_facepalming:

New features are welcome though

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I suppose the second is the ETT, right @Guvnor ?

EHT is there twice for all tiers from Top5% to Top75% on both individual reward loots.
(As I see the loot is exactly the same for both, correct ? )

This option. They’re not minions, I simply used minions as an analogy to demonstrate them intercepting damage :slight_smile:

You can choose each time.

No, just see the leaderboard and your personal performance.

Correct. There is an advantage to 30/30 alliances compared to 3/30 alliances.

No extra prizes. The loot is all listed in the OP under the “loot” section :slight_smile:

The first actually. I’ll double check it all now.


1 question: is it fun?


I personally enjoyed it :slight_smile:

If you enjoy fighting titans then the mythic titans will be fun.

If you hate titans normally, this event ain’t going to be for you


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