🧪 Early Information on Legendary Troops [Part of The Beta Beat v63]

I’m just going to sit here, rereading this line over and over while I sob into my keyboard. My E&P friends trying to convince me that it’s not completely impossible for me to have a complete set one day….


Oooh so it’s “basic charge” to convert the first epic to legendary, followed by plus charge to convert the next epic to legendary ?

It sounds even worse now.


Looks like a horrible idea. I’m going to copy that sentence to save me from typing it over and over with recent decisions.


At this point my having a fully maxed set of rainbow troops for my 5* heroes will coincide with the heat death of the universe.

And apparently having a second will coincide with the heat death of the NEXT one.


I mean, this was a terrible idea to begin with, however, I have a couple of concerns:

  1. Lower the level needed to convert to legendary.

  2. Rework troop leveling to become a hell of a lot faster.

  3. Make it a nice little bump but don’t make it OP unless it’s relatively accessible to everyone, i.e. the above.

  4. Is it just 1 type of “legendary troop”? What if I convert my Wizard troop? Do I get a legendary Wizard troop or is it turned into a standard legendary troop there for making all the Styx and Magic troops we have currently useless, if it is the latter I will be extremely annoyed and not supportive of this, not like anyone was in the first place.


No, Epic Troop tokens are not usable at the portal.

Probably a Legendary Troop token will arrive unless it will be a gem only portal.


Well I have enough feeders right now to convert and upgrade to level 50 (I don’t have the food). I’m f2p. So it’s not really that impossible. It will be slow for sure, but doable. **Don’t level your troops until these are released!

Conversion will have an Epic Troop Level Requirement that goes up with number of Epic Troops converted

  • Epic Troop Level Requirement Beta:
  • Lvl 16: 0 Epic Troops converted
  • Lvl 17: 1 Epic Troops converted
  • Lvl 18: 2 Epic Troops converted
  • lvl 19: 3 Epic Troops converted
  • lvl 20: 5 Epic Troops converted
  • Non beta current iteration
  • Starts from Epic Troop lvl 26

I forget how it worked last time in beta , but the first time you convert, it can be level 26. The next time it has to be 27. I forget if you can do that once or twice. And basically each time you convert, the level of your next conversion goes up. So by the time you do 10, it takes a level 30. It’s a nice ease into it method although maybe too complex.


Done. I’m saying it’s 5x faster. Probably not enough for everyone, but a huge improvement.


it’s much more accessible than I thought. If I can “immediately” get a level 50 troop, perhaps it’s too accessible, even for f2p.

The hardest part here is going to be feeders for people who don’t use their world energy.

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Another legendary fail they serve to their troops that play their game.


Oh brilliant, legendary troops. Yet another cashgrab to make whales’ heroes literally unkillable insta-oneshotters. Absolutely vile. How much more punishment can this playerbase take for gods sake.


Colour me shocked. More paywalled garbage sticking another huge middle finger into the faces of the playerbase. Can really see the Zynga desperation to bleed this cash cow of a game dry before they pull the plug.


Absolutely not too accessible, don’t say that for something none of us wanted, if anything it can’t be accessible enough.

The leveling experience should be that of leveling a 5* hero along with the availability of troop feeders like normal feeders (bring the cost down in HA to train them).

My last concern still stands, and arguably is the biggest of them all.


Is it accessible: yes
Are there designs that make it harder for whales to instantly access everything: yes. Right now whales can only convert every 28 days.
Is it easily accessible: no

I disagree. I’d rather the scaling be changed though. Since we only need a say 5 troops at most in each element, we don’t need it to be as easy as leveling legendary heroes. It definitely can be made easier and the planned changes are a small step towards that.

There are 10 different legendary troops, but none like wizard or ninja or styx troops. Each troop has 2 classes so there are ten combos. They all have the same stat parameters (attack, defense, health, mana), but slightly different stat bonuses.
To your concern, if you convert a magic troop or a mana troop or a crit troop it’s all the same for conversions sake.
I disagree this makes styx and magic troops useless. Fully leveled magic troops will provide a larger mana boost. You can hit mana break points earlier at earlier levels (theyre real value) which means you save all of the food and xp with leveling.
I don’t see why it turns those troops useless? I plan to continue to use mine.

The leveling experience is hugely important, if it’s a slow mess as it is right now it’s just another reason for people to quit, I’m not going through that pain again.

And great, so the tossers are adding an abomination to the game which makes our special 4* troops redundant, it doesn’t matter if they give a bigger bonus for now, they WILL come out with “Legendary Magic Troops!”, etc - just like with the 4*, rinse and repeat tactic all over again, absolute filthy scumbags, they should be ashamed.

Ceasing spending from January and they can go f**k themselves, they’re just screwing this game with every update, greedy little dwarfs.


I agree!!! I’m doing the same moving to C2P

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I was planning on JUST getting PoV from January, think I might just skip everything altogether at this point, they can continue to kill the game.

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Oh I fully expect more legendary troops one day. This is a big spend depth move. Sure some folks will quit.

What this is, is a huge scummy malpractice that they are going to shoot themselves in the foot with, if they want to add their 5* cash-grabs, sure, however, let us damn well convert the same class troop to the legendary equivalent.

The cheek of hosting a damn Magic Tower event now too, LMFAO.

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