🧪 Early Information on Hero Academy [Part of The Beta Beat v30]

Not you, but this:

What is the building that need the most iron to build? What is the building that have most requirement and longest cummulative time to build? HA10

This side:

To be clear, I want 3*/4* retraining with chance to become non-S1 3*/4*. And I don’t want to turn non-S1 to S1, non-S1 is already hard enough to get as F2P, but sometimes you get undesired one.


As you can see the player’s feedback - HA idea is nice - but people were expecting for more.
So, I have some ideas regarding Hero Academy improvement in the future.
How about:

  1. Emblem change : you can pick one of your existing heroes and change his family/emblem type
  2. Duplicates merger: add 3 dups to the original hero in order to make it stronger or add special skill
  3. Costume creator

I think this will increase the motivation of every player to achieve this building and will help players to balance their teams.


Love these ideas. This kind of imagination could have gone SO far in HA. But nope…

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… And that’s exactly what it is wrong with this H. A. 6 500K of foods and 15 days wasted…

5% percent rate for HOTM maens after 20 weeks (4-5 months) you will only have 64% chance of getting 1 HOTM. LOL, this is poor rate, and besides, there are also many HOTMs that are not good in the mix, such as Thoth amun and Aeron. Therefore, chances is your may only get 1 good HOTM running HA for 1year, and it may even be a HOTM you already own!

This game is slowly but surely building up garbage.

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Why don’t we continue the discussion here?

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Do you think SG will continue on developement if nobody pays for it? Does Blizzard or any other big company with a good game develope for free? I don’t think so…

Are you a troll or just have an issue with reading comprehension? Nobody said work for free. Blizzard and every other major game developer continues to put new content out that people buy. When they are done creating content for one game they move on to another in which people will pay for. Most video game companies create something, maybe add some extras, then move on. Mobile games pretend they will be around forever and try to squeeze as much money out of us as possible. But as long as this company continues to produce content, people will spend. The question becomes what is the best way to get people to spend. And making it harder to get something of value with your money doesn’t get people to spend. It stops them.

Simply put -

If spending:

Buy VIP for $5.

If you can complete PoV through the higher levels - it’s got a good chunk of rewards.

The 10 emblems for 175 once a month is decent.

Skip everything else — unless its a treat yo self moment. You don’t need every offer.

First mover advantages are going to be difficult to overcome; good people exist at all levels — let some stuff settle and work itself out instead of driving yourself nuts trying to keep up with something in a state of flux.

Has it ever occurred to you vets who have played for years and just spend 50/month or less that you are a customer they would rather be done with and gone. Sometimes it amuses me how players think they are owed something because they played for 2 years or more. This false sense of entitlement is what makes many of you behind these posts miserable. To those who have 6 5* and another 3 5* that are dupes, the HA is the perfect answer because odds are favorable that the trade in won’t be one of the 6 you already have…

Sometimes being alittle less self-absorbed will grant you insight to the greater good.


Problem is that is where you are now. Not in 3 months when you’ll finally finish upgrading HA to level 10 and researching the last level and that’s assuming you already have all your storage maxed out and enough houses for 300 heroes or the VIP so you can finish those off while upgrading the HA. You should be able to get a couple s1 5* heroes a month by running multiple TC20’s so 6-9 more S1 heroes before then is not unreasonable and odds are they won’t be dupes. Realistically, if that’s where you are with your heroes you are probably more than 3 months away from getting to HA 10.

Just for fun. Try adding up the build time for maxing out all three of your advanced Iron and Food storage, the HA and getting your houses up to 300 recruits. How many months does that add up to? If you are F2P/C2P so you have that few 5* heroes I’m pretty sure the answer is not going to be small.

If HA10 was available earlier it could be handy for those types of cases but they made it so expensive and take so long to upgrade making it extremely late game and then made it pretty useless for late game players.

Personally I’ve been playing for about a year and 9 months so far and have been pretty cheap to play. Only occasionally picking up deals for VIP or doing the buy gems everyone in your alliance gets gems type things. I’ve got a dozen plus S1 5* dupes and I’m only missing two S1 5* heroes but I’m still more than 3 months away from getting to HA 10 because I haven’t finished upgrading my storage and haven’t even started upgrading my SH to 25. I’ve got a couple dozen TC20 pulls sitting in my camps waiting to be collected because I’ve run out of hero space and don’t want to spend my limited supply of gems on more space but I also haven’t done the 20 pulls I have gems for because I would only have space to keep a couple of them. I’m still hoping that SGG will do something to make the dupe 5* heroes have some sort of value so I’m still holding on to them.


If you’re F2P, this building will take you about 3 years to be able to use. By that time, you should have a hell of a lot more than 3 dupes or you will have probably quit. Entitled, no but looking for something they actually promised.


Unless you can get 120+10 days of free VIP form invite feature. Or maybe completing survey to get free Google Points for VIP :sweat_smile:

SG logic: create a building that is useful for new players but make it so long to be built that they ended up already become old players by the time it is built.


I agree. It is BBS to say we do not pay to have HOTM. Although we were given gems in some events and VIP, we need more gem$. I already spent $2k still finding Telluria. I have Telluria because he spit mud in my heroes face. If I have one, we are all in peace. Smile, be happy. 4th of July…

My idea is remove gems in the process but weeks to get results. Thus, the game is for fun, not value of $ expecting the unexpected. There is no guarantee you will get what you wish for during the conversion / modification / transformation process.

I don’t see any gems :thinking:

I disagree with everyone :slight_smile: I want seson 1 heroes… I desperately need marjana… and my 5 elena and 5 khagen will be perfect for the job… just need a lvl 11 for retraining seasonal event hero and lvl 12 for retraining hotm

What happens after you get Marjana? Will you still be happy with endless S1 heroes? I suggest you may not have played this game for long enough or you have just been very unlucky

For those who have played for 2-3 years, most don’t need repeats of S1 heroes

Personally I am missing Kadilen and Khagan but would not want S1 repeats just for their sakes




But were you really disagreeing with us?

I also hope there is a color specific retraining so I can turn my 4 Elkanen dupes into Lianna, Kadilen, and Horghal.

Doesn’t that mean you actually agree with us? :sweat_smile:


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