🧪 Early Information on Hero Academy [Part of The Beta Beat v30]

Will HA produce the same color 5 star that you put into it? Been playing almost 2 yrs and only Azlar×3 for red. I go 3 to 4 deep in maxxed 5 star heroes of everyother color. Have done svl elemental 10 pulls and dumped EHT’s into Xmas event too chasing as well not to mention 2 TC 20’s going most of the time.

Just did a reboot and now it’s ok. Thank you

No it is random. So if you feed Azlar you could obtain, for example, Vivica.
The only certain thing you will not obtain back the same hero. So if you feed Azlar you will not have Azlar.

However if you feed Azlar, you obtain Vivica and then you feed that Vivica, you could obtain again Azlar because when you feed Vivica you are only sure that you will not obtain another Vivica.

People will work with HA - it has a little use . But in sum it’s the same shame as the AL. If someone has a lot of 5* and HOTM dupes there is ablolutely no way to get rid of it. Every advanced player has a lot or all the vanilla 5*. It will take half a year at average to get rid of a single 5* because of all the retraining until i get a useful hero.
Now we have two new buildings: One to get rid of huge material piles and one to get rid of huge hero piles. And none of the buildings can be used for that in a meaningful way!
I’m sad, really sad.


More and more money. Too bad this game is really great and it brings together a beautiful community. Who’s going to get that weary eventually. Of these false solutions


New Guide/ main discussion thread for the released Hero Academy :slight_smile:


Doesn’t that means it is not personal but shared by others in the community?

Precisely why they should listen to their customer feedback.

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yeah Agree 100% , but with respect , “his feedback” did not cover most of player voices , at least not for me , i am good with Patch v30 , let say it same as Hero Grading , if he graded a Hero “C” didnt mean that hero is bad , probly he got better Hero , while some people dont have choice and think that Hero is “A”.

i hope you understand my point.


I know that some people will be satisfied and others will not.

But its been clear that majority of the customer is not satisfied with it. The number of likes they received is comparable to minor bug fix.

majority ? well i didnt see many #NoSpend tag in guild , just like #NoNerf when Tell was balanced. i am not againts you but just be-ing “Famous” in youtube didnt mean Majority

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I determine those not from youtube or tag but from forum’s enthusiasm which can be seen from the number of likes in their release notes. I have provided the analysis in older posts.

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Just have a look at the forum, and you don’t need to look too far.

In fact have a look at the number of positive vs negative posts on this thread and tell us what you observe

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Maybe you can ask each of your alliance teammates too.

nah we are fine , few didnt like but few also love patch, able swap *5 hero and *4 troop is Gold. well at least we didnt influnce others to #NotSpend or #Quit or whatever , we are old enough to decide to take it or leave it.

Patch? You mean the overall patch not limited to HA?

I also give a like the the patch note, but not because HA, it is because they fix the bug that I reported.

It might be gold at the moment, but will it still be at the time you can do it in your HA? We are talking about 4 months to a year from now.

In my alliance, no one like it. Most didn’t care anymore, only me and 1 other still looking forward to build it even though we don’t like it. We are F2P/C2P alliance, most of us at level 45-65.

Is there anyone that has found the ‘right spot’ already to build this monstrosity?

After HA10 is running, I won’t need too many TC20, so I will sacrifice 1 TC for the spot. That way I can have all kind of buildings in my base at all time (Forge, Barracks, AL, HL, HA) without reducing food/iron production.


Probably out the back next to the toilet, the strong odour should repel all the bugs and pests


@FrenziedEye; I guess you have a good point there. Only issue will be that there is no running water so it will be starting smelly after some time.

@yelnats_24 I have 2 TC20 running; both filled with 200+ days. After 2.5 years still don’t have all classic 5* hero’s yet :confused: but I guess that will be the most logical to do and clear one of them and change that into the HA. I will use HA for retrain 4* troops first as I am still having only 1 purple this far into the game and smellyload of other colors.

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