🧪 Early Information on Hero Academy [Part of The Beta Beat v30]

I cant even make a top 5 levels.

Ha10, maybe after 6 months it may give something

3* troop level, I can max troops within 5 years then

Uncommon heroes, I can empty out my tc12 and burn all my ham

Looking at their behaviour i honestly think they never had the intentions of doing anything about dupe heroes. The community demanded something, they did not want people to leave so they teased the HA, then after 1.5 years it got old and people started leaving so they put it into beta to silence things, they made it absolutely useless and definitely incapable of dealing with the dupe issue because they never wanted it fixed. Then the community started raging, so they made it a little better but still very expensive, time consuming and still unable to do anything about the dupes. The community still felt cheated so they tweaked a few thing here and there but clearly avoiding adding things to it that would have made it useful. And even after that they stand in front of us and say they “worked” 1.5 years on something that they knew the community really wanted but they made it so expensive so they thought it shouldnt be useful? WHAT?! COME AGAIN PLS! And about the still unsolved dupe issue they only said we are “working on it”, yeah sure, let me guess, after 1.5 more years they will tease another feature that wont be in beta for further 1.5 years and after that they make it useless stating it was never meant to solve the dupe issue and they are “thinking about” other ways. These are just plain cheap excuses, nobody asked for Tavern of Legends yet they still made it in 1-2 months (because they wanted to add 1 more portal for more money) so if they actually work on something it gets done. They clearly never intended to introduce such a feature but did not want to say that openly because that would cause many players to leave immidiately. So they tease something, make us wait, test in for months, then make it useless and say to our face that it was never meant for that. Yeah sure.


Can someone please explain this?

Technically this means that “additional heroes” aka Event Heroes are included at a 5% rate.
Then at what rate are old HotM included?

After the “limited availability” at 5%, to what rate does it drop back to?

How long is said “limited availability”? Is this a similar timescale to “will be released soon”?

This is suspiciously convoluted.

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All of the old HOTM and Event Heroes are in the same pool, with a 5% chance to get one of them.

Since the pool has 49 Heroes in it, the chance for any particular one is 0.102%.

That will decrease over time, as more old HOTM are added to the pool.


That’s how they’re referring to the Heroes in the 5% pool.


Of course not, because that would be useful. :face_with_monocle:

Sadly, no.

There’s a warning before doing so, but you’ll get a fresh 1-1 Hero or Level 1 Troop from Retraining a leveled up one, even if it’s fully maxed.

It will be a sad (but inevitable) day when someone posts on the Forum that they turned their maxed HOTM into a 1-1 Horghall.


Well thanks!

I haven’t figured that out yet.

I wanted it to be useful for leveling up Troops, but it’s really not, as detailed here: 🤺 Using Hero Academy as a Troop Training Camp

I’m not personally really working on leveling up more Heroes anymore, so none of the other Levels are of much use to me.

I’m undecided on how, or even if, I’ll use Hero Academy.

I’ve honestly found it pretty disheartening. It’s contributing to my gameplay reduction, and possible ultimate departure from the game.


I think what SG is really saying with this release is that they don’t give a **** about f2p and c2p players. There’s no way for them to keep up with paying players. Newer players are also hosed. There’s no way for them to catch up to the top tier unless they are willing to drop thousands.

I’ve gotten a lot of enjoyment out of this game and will continue to play, but I would actively discourage anyone from beginning to play today.


It’s because for a good reason, people feel insulted by how they designed the HA. I had a little hope that the reason it took so long was, because they didn’t want to repeat the AL desaster and took more time in designing it thorouhgly to make it useful. And then it’s just the same BS as the AL used to be, while there were hundreds if not thousands good suggestions on the forum how to make it useful. Most of them wouldn’t even have been hard to implement. Literally the only one they listened to, was to allow more than one action at once after it was already in beta… I was happy they did at least that, but after reconsidering and calculating the usability of certain levels, I doubt that 2 actions at a time would be even needed.

I am not one of the players who said they won’t spend anymore. But one more b*tch move like that and I probably will be.

I know that what the players want isn’t always what is best for the game overall. But a useless building for sure isn’t either.


Frankly I’m not even terribly surprised or distressed by how useless the Hero Academy is. I figure it’ll be like the Alchemy Lab: useless as a v1 release, then when everyone saturates Youtube, Reddit and Instagram with videos about how useless it is and mocking SG for terrible game design they’ll throw out a fix in 6-12 months; that seems to be the development cycle around here.

What really made me furious though was that condescending, snide, arrogant little statement that was posted in the other beta thread. If you’re going to blow smoke up my ■■■, at least do me the courtesy of being a little diplomatic about it. Okay, we know we ■■■■■■ up, but we’re not going to fix it. In fact, that was a deliberate decision in order to cover up something else that we ■■■■■■ up! Here’s a completely separate issue for you to look at while we slink away!

It’s not the crime that has me pissed off; it’s the cover-up.


So I take it that most people are feeling mistreated by the company and that is what is turning people away.

Around 2 years. And yes, I will still find it useful. Sure all I am missing is Khagan from S1, but of all the special heroes available, I have 2. I am fine running level 10 for a chance. As well as feeder troops to upgrade my troops.

Exactly. My impression is they try first how far they can go, how expensive they can make everything… and later give some small concessions, but only as much as necessary and as little as possible.

I’m going to have to counter this. One good feature of this game is diversity of teams. If you make the odds to high for rare 5*s eventually everyone 2400+ will have the exact same optimal team. It’ll be even worse than the current boring Telly meta. This would drive me to quit.

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I really don’t think that an average of about 5 heroes per year out of hero pool of currently 49 heroes (probably growing by one per month) will cause that! No way! And keep in mind that the most wanted heroes are still behind a paywall. You won’t get any S3 hero, no Vela and Telluria until next year and keep in mind that there are much more unreleased heroes coming that probably will be better than the heroes available via HA10.

I understand your concern, but I don’t see it happen by the idea @TheEyes proposed. I think an increase of 2.5% would be totally fine. Heck, make it at least 1.5%… if they are too afraid it would break the game. Would already be an improvement.

EDIT: Just keep in mind, currently the chances to get a specific special hero are about 0.1%. By increasing chances they would increase by 0.05%. So on your 5th run your chances to get a certain hero would be 0.35%. On your 10th run the chances would 0.6%. And keep in mind the chances would reset once any special hero is trained. 10 tries are 10 weeks. A chance to get a HotM like Telluria is 1.3% all the time. And you get even as a ftp player several tries per month. And you really worry it would lead to same defences everywhere?


I calculate it will take an average of 19 years to obtain a specific HotM or event hero, is my math correct on that?

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Not sure. But sounds realistic.


Maybe check my math though…can anybody else concur?

Add me as another disgruntled, long-time player. I’ll share my story because I suspect I’m not alone. I’ve been playing since Sept '17. I’ve spent a sickly amount of time and money on the game. That’s my decision (read: addiction) and no fault of SG’s. For a while now, SG has been thinking of ways to incent players like me to keep summoning. That started with Wars which requires 6 solid teams. Now they have Tavern, which also requires a deep bench. But once you have 30 maxed 5*s, why keep pulling?

Some time back, the answer came in the form of the rumored Hero Academy, which promised players a chance to exchange like for like heroes. What SG has delivered, at least in Beta, technically meets that promise. Technically, you can’t get the exact same hero back…you can get a worse hero. Technically, you can exchange but it’ll take you months to have the capability (not a surprise) and boatloads of resources and time for a chance at something worse.

Back in March, I chased Ursena but would’ve been fine getting Inari. It didn’t hurt that Telluria was the HOTM. I didn’t get any of the S2 heroes but ended up with 3 Tells. Now you’re telling me that I get to spend months of building, train my two unleveled Tells and end up with two S1 heroes. And I would find that out after 14 days of training.

In my mind, I think SG has overplayed its hand. Even your cash cows have a limit to how much we’re willing to be milked. You should’ve been happy with how much you’ve made from my addiction and not tried to string me along further.


Understatement. They are astonishingly arrogant if you judge by actions and not words.

This data should be shared with SG, IF THERES ANY WAY TO GET IT TO THEM.:thinking::hugs:


I know it’s not addressed to me but wanted to share my viewpoint.

It doesn’t decrease enjoyment but it was touted as something that’ll boost enjoyment. After having played this game for 1.5+ years everything is verging on territory of becoming boring chore.

Titans - Take one of the 5 teams and play. I don’t even have to think anymore because it’s a drill I have run hundreds of times because my team composition rarely changes. Only fun part is seeing scores which rarely diverge since base teams & items rarely diverge :roll_eyes:
War - Literally use same hero teams almost every war. Only interesting part is how I pick opponents and handle boards :yawning_face:
Raids - This one can be interesting because it forces you to evaluate opponent defense and form team accordingly. However most defenses on diamond are so unoriginal, I don’t even have to think lot of times and again I just pick one of my 5 raid teams. And honestly I don’t blame player’s originality because people are so afraid of making mistakes with mats and emblems, they rather just tread tried-and-tested path :sleeping:
Tavern of Legends - Yeah this was interesting for first time but I think it’ll be same drill again this time :unamused:
Tourneys - This probably has most variety in terms of play. I try levelling various 3* and 4* and experimenting them in various scenarios. I wish return was better to a degree it allowed me to more freely experiment. I don’t have a lot of emblems and nor can I afford to move them on weekly basis. :disappointed:
Challenge Events - Beat similar thing every month with one of the five teams (in each rarity). Competing to top is too tedious and going for middle tiers (below first 3 tiers) isn’t as rewarding enough compared to effort needed :confused:
Rare Quests & Map levels - meh…I look forward to S3 bosses similar to Dark Lord, Ursena, Yimir or An-Windr even. Otherwise most of the levels feel same. If they appear difficult then they are only artificially difficult in the sense mobs and bosses have pretty high stats :zzz:

For me and lot of my fellow players the enjoyment has already been drained out. I don’t even summon as much (C2P soon going F2P) as them, and yet I have so many 5* duplicates. 4* dupes get eaten in first 10 mins. After you see 5th Elkanen from TC20, or 3rd Justice from portal while first two are 1.1, or trying to summon Falcon and you see your 67th Boril…you get jaded.

Hero academy was one thing lot of us clung to thinking we will finally get something exciting and novel to focus on. I don’t want to catch all heroes nor do I want to become #1 or anything like that. I just want to try some new team composition or some new ability without having to pour in hundreds to thousands of $s. I know someone will bring up the age old argument “You don’t need HotM or premium heroes to enjoy the game”. Maybe you don’t but I’m bored AF with same 20 5* classics. Even if I level all of this dupes idk what food that’ll do.

TL;DR - Things are very monotonous for a set of late game players. Could a different form of academy broken that monotony? :man_shrugging:


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