🧪 Early Information on Costumes (Formerly Skins) [Part of The Beta Beat v23, v24 & v25]

With how damage formulas work, that might be quite meaningful.

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Did they respond to the question about whether or not the 5* upgrade using 4* mats is intentional??

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Horghall exchanged his dignity for a buff.

20 Jokers.


Not that I’m aware of.

My takeaway is that this was such an early version that whatever the intention of how it would work was, it’s likely to change anyway, and it’s clear Beta testing will happen again later. I don’t think much insight into how it will ultimately work can really be gained at this point.

This seems like more of a sneak peak for initial feedback than an actual Beta test. A number of Beta testers (including me) gave feedback on adjustments that should be made to the Beta process itself to make testing possible, as the way it was set up made it impractical to level and test Costumes.

I don’t expect to have real details until the next Beta, which they’ve said they’re aiming for in a month or two.


Thank you for your quick reply :slight_smile: you mods and beta testers really work hard.

Any word on the other beta content? Alchemy lab and new event heroes? I’m interested to see what gets changed about Alchemy lab. Not too excited about new event heroes since they are all 5*


Nothing yet, those have both similarly gone through a first round of feedback and are undergoing changes before returning to Beta.

I’ll update the main Beta Beat v23 thread when Beta is updated again.


Thank you! I found it interesting how they keep testing more and more stuff. Must be on a time crunch to push these features out.


So is it true that the ascension materials required are only the 3* ones for costumes?

If that is the case… well that’s still not really great but I am definitely a lot more positive and not as sassy as I was lol.

Still don’t really like that they require ascension materials and that the hero needs to be fully ascended (not maxed, just ascended fully)… but at least the ones they do require are easy to get. It is easier to come across hidden blades than mystic rings.

I’ll post separately on what I think of the new hero abilities too

As discussed repeatedly above:



What did the feedback in beta look like?

Pretty similar to the feedback in this thread for the most part.


If you have Tiburtus +5, and then you level up his costume, nothing happens to those emblems on the legacy (or baseline, or original, or whatever you want to call it) costume.

But the new costumes are all different classes than the legacy heroes, and their emblems start at 0.

So suppose you level the Duke of Rock costume to 4/70 for Tiburtus, and then give it emblems up to 4+10. The legacy Tibs would still be a 4+5 Ranger. If you added new Ranger emblems, it would only affect the legacy Tibs. If you reset the legacy Tibs, the Duke of Rock costume would still be 4+10.


Vivica + Costume = Melendor with -44% Def instead of Rigard with +63% Def
Kunchen is still leagues above her.


Well I really hope it changes. I can obviously see myself spending double mats for 3*s, but I’m iffy on 4* and definitely cannot really afford to do so for 5*s. And by the time I can, season 3 will be released probably and power creep gonna creep.

EDIT: costumes changed, the requirements are far lower now for ascension materials.

My thoughts on these heroes, in a perfect world where you do get the hero and the costume. Ordered from 3* to 5*

A hero that wearing a costume overwrites himself without a costume, and himself without a costume overwrites himself with a costume… awkward :smiley:

With the special skill change that makes him a half Wilbur, he won’t be as tanky as default Gunnar for defense since he won’t buff his team. But this is still a great skill though, this Gunnar will be a better addition to offensive teams. I can definitely see a standard mono 3* blue team of Steel Gunnar + 4 Gatos (sorry Valen and Ulmer).

The tile damage is almost on par with Sq. Wabbit’s, it’s pretty high for a 3*. He gets pierce now to bypass any defensive buffs, which will help against the spirit link tanks in 3* tourneys mostly. I can even see a mix of default and Ranger Banes with maybe 1 Melia thrown in there for events.

In my experience, HP regeneration isn’t really that great on its own. It needs something else to support it as otherwise it can be dispelled, makes it hard to justify the 3 turn wait over time rather than just getting a straight heal.

Sorcerer’s delay class may help in this sense at least if it activates. Stats wise she’s pretty sturdy for a 3* too.

Wow, she’s Athena junior. I can see a mono green 3* team with both Druid Brienne and Cleric Brienne, particularly because they charge at the same time.

Finally, the 2nd cleanser for 3* heroes! And he’s purple too lol (Gill-Ra was the 1st). And finally, an actual good choice for a 3* Rogue! :smiley:

I like that he’s also a fast cleanser. This is gonna be pretty useful for raid tournaments. His attack, while better, is still a tad too low for me to consider in challenge events though.

That skill, I have mixed feelings about. A bit of a downgrade for titans just because of the damage drop, but on the other hand this can be useful in raids where an overall average defense drop would be useful.

Li Xiu
Uh… why? This Li Xiu looks worse than the default tbh. Stats are better yeah, and maybe she would be a better tank for 4* raids.

But on offense a 10% mana reduction is pretty worthless. Carver reduces more mana with his skill lol. The damage is better at least but not really something to get excited about.

Like Hawkmoon, I’m not a fan of HP regeneration over time. This is dispellable itself whereas a straight up heal isn’t. Without support, I don’t see the value in the status effect.

Less squishy than druid Melendor, but I much prefer the default skill.

Mana shield class will help her being slow to charge her skill. And her tile damage is at least now the best one of any green 4* hero. She’ll be nice to have for blue titans now, more worth it over Little John.

They like the idea of blue druids a lot :slight_smile: She’s the third one now with Druid Gunnar and M. Lepus. One in each rarity now haha.

I like that she’s an offensive cleanser, something that was really needed in this rarity. Before it was Rigard and only him. Will be nice to have for those bloody battle tournaments. Her attack is also a bit better, but still a bit low to consider for challenge events.

Again, for the same reasons listed under Hawkmoon and Melendor, I am not a fan of the HP regeneration over a straight heal. Cleansing still a plus here, but I still prefer default Rigards skill. Also I don’t really know about the Ranger class here, it doesn’t suit his skill nor his role in the team well. I don’t see why I would costume my Rigard for this one tbh.

This is a more heal focused BT which I can see as nice to have. Noteworthy too is that Chef’s attack boost is equal to Kiril’s, so they can both be used in the same team without any worry of overwriting buffs.

Costume stats will make him a lot more viable, but I’m still unsure on him myself. Being slow still sucks and still leaves him vulnerable to getting countered by the same heroes that can buff attack after he fires.

Wow… she’s basically a green Alasie, with better attack stat too. Power creep gonna creep.

Cleric may seem like a downgrade as she can’t bypass defensive buffs now. However mana shield means her fast skill has a chance to not be interrupted by drainers.

Again like Lianna, he got a significant buff in stats. The 1 - 2 punch of Jackal -> Joon will be even more powerful now against dark titans, for those lucky enough to have him costumed.

I’m so glad she’s still slow, because she’d be busted no question if she was faster. 155% countered damage and she now has the highest attack stat in the game. She is obnoxiously good for titans.

She may even be too much for raids, Rogue talent means she has to go down via tile damage now which puts all the heroes of that color at risk of dying to counter damage, even with her low defense.

She’s great! A yellow sorcerer is certainly very unique itself, but that special makes her a very threatening looking tank and a very potent support healer. Anyone who gets her with her costume, should definitely consider her if unchanged.

The defense drop is lower, but holy :poop: that attack stat is nutty and the damage is gonna hurt.

He’s significantly tankier and should hold the center fairly well. But a big downside is barbarian class traded for paladin, which I feel the latter was better for tanking. Otherwise this Richard is better.

It’s good to see he’s getting a great attack buff, unlike Horghall he has great tile damage, and that definitely justifies leveling and bringing him against titans and in raids. He looks usable now!


Big heal, check.
Def down, check.
Cleanse, nope.
Elemental link, nope.
Immunity to def down, nope.
Mana shield from cleric class, nope.
Tanky stats, nope.

Imo, Vivica + Costume = hella expensive weakened version of Kunchen.

I mean, people don’t need to spend 12 tabards to max Kunchen, right? :thinking:

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To me, more than anything: Buff Booster Raid Tournaments.

I don’t think there are many other situations where it’s preferable.


Even if I spent money, I don’t see why I would save up for a costume that requires the same amount of materials as the base hero. Materials which are sold on limited offers. It’s better to save those gems to get a new hero instead.

A new hero also adds more depth to your bench. A costume does not. If you just have the one hero, then you can only use the hero with the costume or without. You can’t stack them. And because they take up the single roster slot, I’m also assuming they can only be used once in war, with or without costume.

Thinking about it further, and reading the quoted comment… The way costumes are implemented right now, they’re not F2P friendly, and they’re not even P2P friendly.

I hope that this feedback helps improve the way they’re being implemented.


so my take on this costume feature:
they are simply introducing new heroes who will be much harder to obtain because a) they are summonable, not trainable and b) you need to have the hero to be able to use the costume. I guess they decided to offset this by making this “new heroes” not require roster space.
for some heroes, the costume is just a plain upgrade to the hero, like the tree - similar skill, less damage which is offset by higher attack and way more attack debuff. what is the point? nobody will use the original tree now, just buff the ■■■■ tree then!
like many, I was hoping costumes would be something you could put on, keep all the levels, but have different look and special skill. I guess, that was too much to hope for…


This. It was almost verbatim my feedback on the subject, and I do spend money.


So where’s the announced f2p friendliness?


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