🧪 Early Information on Contest of Elements (Nature) Heroes [Part of The Beta Beat v51]

We will experience power supernova soon

While, that is the definition of suicide!

Holy ****! These guys are amazingly strong! Oh my, I’m not sure what to think about this :thinking:

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There are so many new OP heroes released all the time it does not actually make any sense to do pulls anymore :smiley:

when is this event coming out approx ?

The Holy version comes this time:

I am expecting the Nature version after the Holy, and earlier Staff told that this event will arrive every second month.

So you can pul the heroes in the OP in early December.

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For those that say " this game is going down the drain"

Not so, releasing heroes like this keeps the whales coming. While us peasants complain

Scrolls of Alteration just increased in value. Making more Tiles while special is charged to affect entire team will make these heroes boss in events where scrolls can be used.

And then the next time the event comes around they will release more OP heroes so people keep pulling…

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There will be 2 new heroes per element so it is enough for 9 more months, but yes, Staff will might add more when the Holy quest comes around next.

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It would be great if they added good 3s and 4s for the contest of elements

More people could get good heroes with a higher chance than the 5s

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I agree, I have also asked for 3-4 star heroes my Beta feedback too.

This was their answer in another topic, where I have also asked about 3-4 star heroes, recurrence, etc…


So what I got out of that kind of answer is…

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Thanks for trying, @PlayForFun

SG should think more about new 3s and 4s, not only 5s

But it is what it is


Roz seems great on paper, but in reality how often you get 5 tiles on the board after 7 tiles needed to cast? Often times I am struggling to even find 7 tiles to begin with. The other times when you open with a diamond, you win anyway with or without Roz. Actually, when you open with a diamond, it’s probably higher DPS if you bring Evelyn and two other hit-3s to confirm kill 3.

If you do pull Roz, he is probably better on defense. You’ll have a higher chance of hitting more than 1.

The tile damage is great for titans though.


Fair question … 20 chars

Roz will be superior on defense and will shine on all events, on offence it’s just a hard hitting sniper

So finally getting around to catching up on this thread.

Both good heroes who could be devastating if the correct parameters are met. But both have drawbacks already anyway.

Roz without 5 greens still on board after charging is around LB Lianna snipe hit? She is fast but the requirements to turn her into a hit 3 or hit all aren’t easy to make and basically decreases her speed. Will be very nice Vs titans with the passive though.

Xandrella is good, but most effective Vs Ice will be nice in a green stack, but how many blue tanks do we see nowadays? For her mana control still same counters as there have been for a while.

Strong heroes, but not necessarily game changers.

as long as i don’t have roz, i am okay if people ask to nerf her :blush:


But what if you get her?