Darts - Caitlin or Motega

Who would you level first and why?

I think depends on the rest of the roster but Motega is a blast to play with and is more flexible with his two different specials and each one works really well. He works really well with other fiend summoners or freya to beef up his minions. Don’t have Caitlin and find the slayers really good just not great.

Yes, I’m thinking Motega too. Nice family bonus with Nadezhda and Agrafena. I got lucky with the Magic heroes. No Freya but I have Bera. :blush:

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Congrats on your luck! Looks like our stars were aligned, I got Milena and Cristobal! And I also happen to have Freya no Bera. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. They are such fun hero’s to play with. Love the flexibility.

Between the two of us, we’d have the perfect team! I really wanted Milena but have no complaints with 3 5* Magic heroes esp Motega.

He’s almost 3/70 now and one dart away. Looking forward to maxing him. Cleric emblems also ready and waiting.

I was thinking the same thing about our teams :nerd_face:. You’ll enjoy Motega, his second special is so satisfying. Do you have any other fiend heroes you can play with him. It’s ridiculous having double or triple fiends on the oppposi g team. Have fun!

Thanks! I just have Bera. Will focus on levelling up the Magic heroes and have fun with them. :nerd_face: