Drunk Huskies currently has plenty of openings

Are we the strongest alliance out there? Nope.

Are we the drunkest? Maybe.

Well, maybe not… But here’s the deal: We have a pretty solid core of active, friendly members, and all of us are dedicated to trying to grow and improve. However, I just had to purge a bunch of idle players, so we currently have a lot of openings.

We are open to new players wanting to grow (as long as you participate), or experienced players who want to add to the tips we share.

Requirements are pretty simple for now: 200 trophy minimum (will eventually go up) and titan participation is mandatory - miss 5 in a row and you’ll be kicked. But that’s not a hard rule if you’re active in the chat - if you need a break from the game, we’ll understand.

Grab your favorite beverage, join our team, and introduce yourselves!

We currently have 10 openings. So come on in. The bar is open!

Still looking for players. A little info about us: We are currently doing pretty solid against 4* titans and occasionally able to take down a 5*. We’d REALLY like to start to go after some tougher beasts, and that’s where we need you.

We could also use some solid war players.

We’d love to find some players dedicated to helping out when needed. And if you join, be sure to say hi and tell us your favorite beverage (I am a bourbon guy, myself)!

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