Recruiting for DRUNK HAMSTERS! (2 spots, 8-11* titans)

Okay –

So we’ve recently had some long-time departures due to life events, and we’re looking for 2 “pretty active players.”

Ideal players:
Daily, preferably more like several times a day

  • we are very much into killing titan, and we regularly kill 8* to 10* titans (which means pretty good loot tiers) – ideal if you like to get all your 4* heroes up and some 4* ascension items for 5*
  • member levels 34-75, 1400+ trophies, although our setting is 800+; I believe our youngest members are in college
  • wars: optional
  • language: English

We do have a Line account “Drunk Hamsters” but we’re not terribly coordinated.

Fun group – people have said even recently that the game is a bit tedious, a lot of grinding, but why people come back is that it is a super-helpful and friendly alliance.

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