Drunken Monkey looking for active player

Hey all! We are looking for an active player that loves to have fun! We currently hit 9-10* titans, win wars often and are very active together as an alliance. We often chat with each other and are looking for someone to come join us. Cup minimum of 2000. Needs to use all war hits or opt out if can’t play. We want to do well but are laid back and understand if real life issues come up. Just let us know. If this sounds fun to you, come see what we are about! Alliance name Drunken Monkey

Bumping this up. To add to it, we currently have 13 members that sit in the diamond raiding arena. 29 total in the alliance. So we have a good mix of moderate to strong teams. If you have a main TP of about 3700 and some decent bench depth for wars then come join us!

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