Do minions get more power from troops?

If a minion gets a percentage from hp do they get the extra power from troops too? So a minion will have more power with 30 troops than with 1 troops?

Yes, Troops affect the hero’s base stats, which in turn affect Minion stats.

Talent Grid and Family Bonus boosts do as well.

Status effects do not.


What about the crit chance? If I put crit troops on a hero, does that chance transfer to its minions? And the minions casted on other heores?

I’m not 100% sure but I think so yes.

There was a recent change to the Minions which made minions inherit the Colour Strength/Weakness from their OWNER not the caster;

I’ll try to test & revert.

Yeah, but it doesn’t say anything about the crit chance. Although, I think I have seen sometimes one minion hitting harder than the other - and I chalked it up to crit chance. But I wanted to know this for sure.

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