Question about Minion HP (Health Points)

Question here, I summoned bera and was excited to see that her noth minions inherit 20% hp but was confused when that didn’t affect my heroes health status at all. Does anyone know what it means when a minion gets hp?


It refers to the amount of health the minion has when it is summoned. It will have 20% of Bera’s Hp. So the higher level the Bera, the more hp the minions will have.

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Thanks for answering. But how does that help my heroes? If they don’t have a lot of health it doesn’t increase.


Yes I wasn’t sure at first how these minion mechanics worked either (newb here lol).

But, if you look at the moth when you click on the character you’ll see the moth has its own health. As long as the moth has life it will keep attacking turn after turn. The moth has been likened to a “meat shield” in that your moths will absorb the damage before your hero loses any HP.

I’m not sure about this so someone more experienced can confirm or answer but would the minions health be somewhat a way to “increase health” during tourneys w no heal? I guess technically it’s not healing and it’s not adding health it just has a buddy/minion to protect and take damage first before the hero right?

Just got her too and I have her at 2-51. Working on leveling her up as fast as I can :wink:


Helps insofar as the opponent will have to go through the minion before it will reduce the hp of your hero. Functions like a shield if you will.

Side note, a healer won’t heal your minions. Only heals your hero’s.

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Thank you I understand now. :slight_smile:

Yep, exactly that. :smiley:

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And the benefit of Bera being fast is the likelihood of being able to fire off again to replenish moths. Max moth pet hero is 3

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Yes, this is a very common strategy for the Bloody Battle format.


Thank you for answering!!

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Some other facts which work or don’t work for minions:

  • Critical damage: minions can do critical damage
  • Riposte: if minions hit a hero with riposte on the damage will be reflected to your hero
  • Attack up: Attack buffs during battle will NOT affect the damage of minions but troop or emblem boni will (all boni applied before battle start)



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