Denying alliance requests

Hello all,

I am co-leader of a guild with the “invite only” setting. We did put in alliance description a minimum level of 10.

We do get a lot of requests from new players lvl 4 or 5 that we often deny. Thinking they should apply again after they level up a little.

My question is, can they? Are they permanently denied from applying again after one denied request?

Not really an answer to your question, but if you put in a minimum trophy requirement of 200 it would prevent most level 4s from applying

It would, but we are also language specific (French) so in invite-only mode we can also “sort of” check that out.

You can do both (invite only and cup minimum)

They can reapply. Happens all the time.

Thank you all for the answers. We increased the minimum trophy to 200 and we’re glad we can safely deny requests!

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For the record there is a 2hr cooldown before someone can reapply after rejection.

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Huh, that must have been an addition. I’m sure I rejected you by accident a number of times :wink:

Special dispensation yo. It doesn’t apply to me because I’m too valuable to any alliance.