Women Only looking to recruit


800 trophies required…Daily hits required…Miss one titan demotion…Miss two Kicked


May help if you give the name of the alliance :slight_smile:


Alliance: “Women Only” I thought?


I read it that ( women only, looking to recruit) or in other words… looking to recruit women only. I see you point being: WOMEN ONLY- looking for recruits. How are you sure it’s not : LOOKING FOR RECRUITS- women only? Easy to misinterpret regardless. :slight_smile:


We have changed the requirements to 600 cups . We are looking for a strong, loyal core of women players ready to defeat each Titan that appears. We talk and have fun, but at the end of the day we kill each Titan. Team strength is 49,507. If you an alliance hopper, don’t bother .


A well meant tip: adjust your trophy requirements for the players/strength you currently have.

If you have no players with 2,000 cups and over half of your players is currently below half of the requirement, I don’t think a lot of people will come knocking.

Your current combined trophy & titan score is 49.5k, thats half of the lower alliances in the top 100 - but you hold the same cup requirement as the alliance currently ranked no.1 (seven days departed). I know where I’d apply if I was looking :slight_smile:

Apart from it being a more realistic recruiting point, it will also prevent strong imbalances in titan damage where a couple very strong players carry the team. This might demotivate the lower ranked players and get you up to titan levels that your alliance as a whole can’t handle, making you very dependent on those couple strong players.

Hope you can find all the loyal women you’re looking for!