Alliance setting trophy requirements question?

Our Alliance is getting stronger with the typical booting out non participants. The titans we get now are in the 4-5* range. New players that join run due to being titan food on these levels. I see that the minimum setting for trophies is 200 if I change it from zero. My question is if I set the trophy requirements to 200, will it boot out my good players that have under 200? Or does this only apply to new joiners?

Only for joiners. If you want to let players in that don’t meet the requirements, you can even lower it temporarily and then up it again once they are in.


Thanks. I didn’t want to lose my active team members.

Ditto, they will not be kicked.

My alliance is set to 1400. We have a number of players below that, and I love having them. Good players.

I would type a note to your alliance that the minimum is for only new players, not current members. I had a few panic and had to calm their fears.

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