🔵 [Dec 25, 2019] Trials of Shadows Teams – Share Yours & Discuss!

Team Last Time

Team This Time

No changes, just some more emblems on Morgan and Inari is now maxed.

  • Alice - 4/1
  • Lady Locke - 3/70
  • Marjana - 3/70
  • Peter’s - 4/70
  • Scarlett - 4/70
  • Marjana - 2/60
  • Danzaburo - 3/60
  • Jackal - 3/60


Cruised thru first two rounds on autoplay.
Last stage cruised thru also thanks to the high tile damage. Used a couple antidotes to remove the status effects but nothing major.


  • Rogue emblems - into pile for second jackal
  • Sorcerer emblems - stockpiling for Morgan talent 18
  • Trainer - fed to Valeria
  • Reset emblem - NO


Last time:

This time:

Due to maxing out Peters as much as possible without robbing Kelile for a 4* tourney a few weeks ago, I decided to drop Jack Sparrow since Scarlett was now a heck of a lot squishier. I’m glad I did because his silence is phenomenal.

Nobody went up a node since Peters is just shy of 30 and the Cat is struggling to get over the 40 hump at +10. Trainer went to Captain of Diamonds.


Used my usual team. Only trial where I do not have a 5 star hero (Looking at you TC20 for giving me a Marjana or Domitia). Anyway, it was still pretty easy. Only antidotes used for cleansing Skittle and Scarlett attack down (on hindsight could have used a bear banner). Anyway, rogue emblem went to Scarlett, sorcerer emblem and trainer hero will be hoarded for now.

Here is Scarlett with her shiny new emblems. :slight_smile:


A weird team had to face Skittles and her witchers…

Puss had to be powered by some mana to keep him alive and I used a dragon to support my whittle.

Isarnia had dinner, rogue emblems saved for Puss and sorcerer aren’t enough for any good usage.


same team as last time Domitia+7, Kelile+7, Sabina+8, Skittleskull+6,Marjana3/66. Used blue potion to heal, dragon storm and 2 titan shields. I took also roles of resurrection, but did not use them. Blue 3* trainer went to Miki. Emblems will be saved for later use.


My Team Last Time

My Team This Time

did not screenshot, Marjana 3.70 out, and Kelile +1 in.

The Battle

Boss stage, all mana ready, and has a nice start board.

Easy trials with this team setup, used 2 heal and 4 bear banner to flip Skittleskull and Scarlett attack debuff.

The Reward

Emblem keep both in stock right now.
Trainer goes to 2nd Kiril.


Went well for me this time. A few battle items to speed the process, and some healing potions to help Hawkmoon keep up, but she was the real surprise - she was able to get me through without even running out of healing pots. She was a big help in buffing tile damage to get around evade and reverse Skittle’s and Scarlett’s debuffs, and her delay was kicking in regularly.

I probably got lucky with my twin booby bears, but there were plenty of freezes, too. I think I just had a lot of yellow tiles throughout, so they were firing often, and I remember one salvo where both Dom and Scarlett missed in the same turn. And then when they didn’t miss, my Scarlett’s attack down kept the hits from hurting too much.

Merry Christmas!


Same team as the last time, only difference is Marjana is now on final ascension.

Would always prefer to hit the final boss wave with all my team fully charged, but this time I unloaded some erroneously and was apprehensive the team won’t make it, but alas, the board became nice!

Danza was awesome even at 3/60, deliver one sword and caused all bosses to miss here and there, this time other than one flower in the mob wave he didn’t freeze.
There in, Boss Domitia started to one shot my team after Scarlett died.

But Sabina and Marjana held strong till the end.
Phew! First time I will be completing this T of Shadows without the use of items.

Rogue emblems join the pile, possibly some would go to Marjana in a couple of days, sorcerer emblems banked for now, Magni on his final ascension takes on the trainer.


Look at me quoting myself. Anyway, I just thought I’d drop this suggestion for strategy in case anyone else is in a similar position for available heroes - I went with costumed Hawkmoon because I don’t have Sabina. For this trial, I might have been better off with Hawkmoon than Sabina anyways.

  1. Delay talent - tie: though Hawkmoon is cheaper to emblem, the effect is the same
  2. Tile damage - tie or advantage Hawkmoon: as part of a red stack, Hawkmoon is more useful with neutral to strong damage than Sabina’s higher attack stat with weak to neutral damage
  3. Special skill, healing - tie: for my heroes, the heal amount is the same, it’s just Hawkmoon brings a HoT
  4. Survivability - advantage Sabina: there’s a clear edge here, though it’s not huge. Just the typical difference between similarly specced 3* and 4* heroes.
  5. Special skill, secondary effect - advantage Hawkmoon: there is nothing to dispel against these bosses, so Hawkmoon’s attack buff wins by default. But even so, tile damage is king against rogue bosses, so Hawkmoon improves that even further with her buff.

Now, if only the costume chamber had been available this month, more people would have had the opportunity to try out using Hawkmoon for the sorcerer trials…


No big changes here:

Sabina +20 / Peters +1 / Scarlett / Marjana +10 / Khelile

Left at home: Margaret / Skittleskull 3/60. I’m leveling Domitia, but she’s only on second ascension.

Used a few bombs to speed it up (I was running late and didn’t want to just abandon the battle…) One or two healing potions, one or two mana potions. A couple of times used antidotes to get rid of the debuffs.

Khelile being basically Marj’s younger sister meant spreading the attacks to not lose the DoT.

Sorceror tokens are banked, rogues go to Marjana, blue trainer went to a second Triton.


Same team as last time

Kelile has two more nodes taking her to +18 and Sabina is maxed now.

Mobs went away fairly quickly, but the bosses dragged the fight to just over 10 minutes. No heroes died but used all the med health pots. Forgot to use all but one antidote, so need to pay more attention to that next time. Arrows made bosses miss quite regularly and bombs softened them as usual.

Emblems being saved for now, but I think I’ll take Sabina to +18 or +19 once I’m done maxing out Triton’s emblems. The only other worthy sorcerer is Lady Locke and I haven’t even started leveling her yet.

Trainer goes to Ariel, taking her to 3-63. She’ll hit the wall soon and have a short wait for Frostmarch to pick up her final scope.


Couldn’t get Quintus to change out of his costume, he just loves it too much, so I went with double Danza :sunglasses::

Swords and mana for the first rounds and double freeze in the last one but you gotta love that little bugger. Used some support items to get me to the finish:


Took small and medium healing potion over dofes… probably could have won quicker but a win’s a win.


This time Inari (3/70) was part of my team (Sorry Scarlett).

I had to use my healing pots.
Many dodges, many sakura fox minions too :fox_face:

Rogue emblems for Jackal.
Sorcerer emblems for Ameonna.
Trainer hero saved for my next blue project.



100% not attempting/wasting on Stage 3. My team is very bad for this one:

Scarlett +2
Peters +4
Kelile +4

Then I had to pick two from the following:

Layla (max)
Kelile (untouched)
Danzaburo (untouched)
Chesire Cat (untouched)

lol Not great options for an extra 2 to fill the team… I went with Danza + the second Kelile.

10 of each emblem is fine for me and I am happy.


My team last time :point_up_2:
My team this time :point_down:

Minor improvements, still nuked the bosses because I’m not trying to fiddle with their rogue talent dodging my special skills lol. I do have a costumed Hawkmoon and had a thought of putting her in this team but it was fleeting. The rogue emblems again were split between Marjana and Alice while Ameonna needs 9 more now to get to +20. Laugh all you want. Trainer is going to Vlad. I’m sorting my heroes by power and starting at the bottom and leveling them up until I reach whatever 5* I have left.


Same team with Mitsy finished and Tony Danza making a surprise entrance, because…why not?

Sabina, Danza, Mitsy, Musashi, Domitia

Went ok until the last board of the last round and things fell apart a bit. Lost Domitia and Sabina. Needed a few healing pots, axes, arrows to finish them off. Trainer will go to Richard when he’s old enough to use him properly.


Some changes referring to last time:

Cat replaced Danzaburo 3.60…thought I would need yellow but actually it was ok.

Some significant troop upgrades in purple and green.

Sabina emblems upgrade 10->12

Just easy this time…2 heroes died in the end but with very strong purple tiles I just needed a few mana pots and arrows.


My Team Last Time

My Team This Time

The Battle

As usual, this one is a lot of dodging on both sides, and popping Antidotes pretty often.

Otherwise it was straightforward.

I always like using Danzaburo during this one. I wish I had more occasion to bring him along, but I rarely use holy in War because of a lack of holy healers, so this is one of the only places he gets to go. If Season 3 adds a holy 4* healer it will totally change my Roster usage.

Shiny New Emblems

This one was kind of anticlimactic, with too few Emblems for either Inari or Ameonna to step up.

So nothing changes for now. :man_shrugging:

Dwarf Dining

Boril number 2 ate the Trainer Hero.

With Gobbler at 4-68 as part of my “bit of a Hero leveling break,” Boril is about to start eating everything.