DC Titan Slayers ***New Alliance Recruiting***

DC Titan Slayers is a new alliance seeking more active players. We currently have a solid group of 12 active people and are looking to grow. We’re laid back and family friendly. We ask that you hit the titan daily and war is optional. If you opt in to war then you have to use all war flags. We strongly recommend having the Line App, but it’s not required. There is no minimum trophy count. We’re currently around 4 or 5 star titans, but hoping to move up quickly.

We understand that real life has to come first. We just ask that you communicate with the alliance when you’re going to be off the game for an extended period. Thanks and happy hunting!

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We’re up to 15 now. Come join and help us grow!

I just wanted to update this thread. We’re now up to 23 members. We’re now requiring that you have the Line App if you’re going to participate in war and our minimum trophy count is 200.

It’s taken some time to build up our titan score and we’re up to 4 star titans. We can crush them inside a couple hours, but we make sure to stretch it out, so that all members can get an opportunity to get loot and their PoV. PoV is really important to me as I imagine it is to alot of you out there.

Come join our band and help us grow.

Just wanted to give an update our budding Alliance. We are now running at 28 members and taking on 8 star titans. There is no longer a hold on our titans.

We are currently closed for any new members as we have a couple more coming to join soon.

Thanks everyone for viewing the post. I’ll return as we need more members.

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