DC Titan Slayers Seeks 4

Heya Everyone,

DC Titan Slayers is currently looking for 4 or possibly 5 new members. I have one guy who is talking about quitting the game for a while after the next war. We’re looking to take on a tiny merge or getting ourselves a handful of new players to fill us back in. We’re a family friendly alliance that is very good about using war flags. We’re currently hitting 11 and 12 star titans and are using purple tanks for war. War is optional in the alliance. Please feel free to hit me up here or you can chat with me on the Line app at Lord_Superman. Thanks!

Just wanted to post an update. We’re now just seeking two to bring us to 30. Come be our Batman or Wonderwoman.

Seeking 4 once more. Come check us out. We’re a laid back friendly bunch.

Needing 2 more to bring us to full. Come be our Batman or Wonderwoman

Looking for 3. Come be a apart of a close knit family friendly alliance. We’re currently tackling 12 star and the occasional 13 star titan. We’re very good at using war flags and we use purple tanks for war. Come be our Flash or Catwoman.