🎃 Costumed Francine - 5* Nature/ Green from Return to Morlovia (Halloween)

I find her cleanse really difficult to time. It seems more like two and a half turns instead of three

Got her to 10 emblems before I ran out of all food and resources :joy: I’m liking her in my green mono as she sits nicely with my other fast heroes


Finishing Evelyn, then I get to start on Francine (just pulled her, yeah!)

Two for the price of one.


I’ve been debating which side to follow attack on emblems. I’ve decided the OG because I already have maxed Fogg (and LB Frigg) so the extra (40%) damage on ice titans will be better.

I don‘t have the mats - the game doesn‘t want me to have tonics - but I‘m very happy I managed to get Francine today. :slight_smile:

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