The Empires New Clothes - Li Xiu costume ☂️ - emblems, utility?

Evening team

How is everyone?

My only 4* costume so far is Li.

I never grumble about more free content, but she seems less exciting than Rigard, Tibs or Sonya.

But does she have a use and is the costume even worth equipping?

Although the new class is Rogue, I have a lot of competition for monk emblems - Joon, leo, Wilbur and Wu all ahead in the queue.

My current Yellow mono team seems stronger without her.

And the costume has a higher attack but less mana cut. Imho, Li’s main use is the mana cut, her damage is still mediocre, making the costume less useful than her default card.

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@Scarecrow maxed it pretty quick if I remember rightly. Maybe he can answer yah!

I like her better than Chao both on offense and defense. I’m also a fan of her non-costumes version over her costume. I’d take her stat boost and replace Chao, especially since she’s already leveled.

If you add costumed Li Xiu to the mono yellow team without dropping Chao your cute animal over the shoulder family bonus will increase from 2 to 3.


I just maxed the costume for stats. I prefer the 20% mana cut. She’s not doing much damage anyway.

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Even though I can emblem Chao but not Li?

I have Li+9 and I use her mainly for wars for the mana cut, so I only benefit from increased stats.

I thought the costumed Li could be good for some 4* tournaments but I can put better (faster) rogues on wings. And in the last Bloody Battle one I decided to use the regular one for the bigger mana cut again.

So I only used costumed version on some tournament battles when I wanted to use holy stack (with Jackal), it was a dodgy duo

In your mono team - are you able to one-shot with Joon+Chao? Would you be able to do with Li (costumed probably)? If yes, then it could be an upgrade to your team (Chao’s mana cut is waisted anyway). You only need to use lvl 5+ mana troop to get her ready with 9 tiles so she can fire with Joon more often.

It depends on the enemy, but I like having the dual ability of Chao and leo to make a decent dent in the mana of one or two enemies

My most common purple enemy is kunchen, so I really need a maximum first punch to knock him out so li has bit of an advantage in tile damage.

Lots to think about :thinking:

I think your current mono team is better off without Li. On offense, speed typically rules and if Chao can prevent one opponent from hitting you while Leo charges, I think you’re better off than hoping you can cut multiple targets later with Li.

I’ve always like Li for defense but only use her on offense later in war, when the pickings are thinner.


Great points.

Personally, I wouldn’t emblem either of those two @JonahTheBard

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I have her costumed and have her at lvl 8 with emblems.

Because 3\5 of war defenses use purple tanks, Ive added her to my secondary yellow mono team. It is currently.

Jackal 20 - Guin 17 - Li Xiu 8 -

The last 2 spots are filled by Inari, Joon, Delilah or Chao depending on what I feel I need

With Guin on the team, I use Li’s costume and I have been happy with it.

I have all of the 4* costumes maxed. Rigard is obviously the top and I am still shocked that SG allowed a 4* to outshine a large number of 5*s. Li comes in at a distant second place for me.


I was looking for the same answer, just got Li’s costume today… I’m a big superhero fan (even before it became ‘thing’) which means that costumes typically bring on super-special powers. Yes, that means increase of power, although with Li Xiu, her specials get decreased according to the description. My thought is that I have valuable heroes to train up like Neith & Joon, why should I waste any time or resources on leveling a costume that doesn’t really improve anything that matters? Oh, and I love her, she comes in really handy in challenges and raids depending on who you are facing! So her costume decreasing her ability aggravates me! I’m going no further on costuming her for sure unless the description of her special is incorrect.

Mana control in rogue trials and a 1/4th chance to dodge direct damage. Good enough for me.

Costume Liu is awesome at one thing and only one : farming the low season 1 levels :slight_smile:

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