Contemplating 3rd 5* heroes Khagan, Elena, Thorne, Horghall, Obakan and Quintas

So I’m nearing on having the mats to starts thinking about what my third 5* heroes will be for each color. I’m also nearing on having Hero Academy ready to start recycling my unwanted 5s. My current mono teams and unleveled 5s are;

Red: CB-Boldtusk +19 Gormek +20 Anzogh +7 Scarlett +18 Marjana +9

Khagan amd Elena at 1/1

I like this team a lot. The two fast ladies can usually take out one hero and the BT/Gor/Anz trio stays alive long enough to fire. I have pretty good success rate against anything other than max +20 telli tank teams. Planning to recycle Khagan and Elena.

Blue: C-Kiril +6 C-Magni C-Grimm+20 CB Magni +9 C/CB Sonya+20

Thorne 2/15

Also works very well. The two Magni firing together with Sonya followed by the heal and buff, debuff of Kiril and Grimm works really well. How much difference would a maxed out Thorne make for this team? Maybe substituting for Sonya when I can risk not having the cleanse/dispel. I have a few hundred paladin emblems I’m not using to put on him too.

Green: Melendor Kadilen +7 Elkanen +19 Caedmon +20 CB-Skittleskull+20

Hoghall 1/1

Not crazy about this team. Kind of in the middle. Does okay. Really don’t think Horghall would be a massive upgrade. Plan on still hanging on for Lianna or someone better.

Yellow: G. Jackal +9 G. Jackal +9 CB-Li Xui +20 Joon Joon+14

Joon 1/1

Love this team. That V.Fast mana of the jackals at +9 with mana troops firing in 6 tiles is awesome. Don’t really want to upgrade a third Joon. I’d rather hold out for Vivica or someone else just for varieties sake.

Purple: Tibs +20 Sabina +20 Domitia Proteus/Rigard/Cheshire Cat Sartana+11

Obakan and Quintas 1/1

Hate this team. My purple stack has always been to slow and Sartana just can’t do enough by herself. If I stack her with Cheshire Cat then most of the time the tanks dead and with no other yellow on defense he’s pretty worthless. Strongly considering Obakan as a third purple 5* I also have barbarian emblems I can put on him.

Any advice on who to keep and how to recycle would be greatly appreciated.


hey there!

so it looks like you are willing to recycle heroes even if you don’t have dupes for them? have you considered keeping your Khagans, Elenas, etc. for things like Ninja Tower or War (esp. war, when you might encounter tanks of different colors - then having 2 mono teams per color gives you more flexibility?)

I do agree that some of the 5* heroes you have may not necessarily improve the mono teams you’ve already built. at least maybe not immediately.

Anyway, if you really do want to feed some, the ones I would really keep for their short term use are

  1. Thorne - agree, will be good to bring instead of Sonya. Thorne firing after Kiril + Grimm will hit hard! (also, if you get level 5 mana troops, your C-Kiril and C-Grimm will charge in 9 tiles - meaning you can fire them before your Magnis for some super powerful hits!)

  2. Obakan is kind of hated by many, but he IS fast and strong. I agree, he could upgrade your Purple team. At the very least, he could help Sartana kill someone, and the self-riposte might give you luck and let an enemy sniper suicide.

(Hope you can get the costumes of Tibs / Rigard / Sabina plus some Purple mana troops, they will make your team faster… also Proteus +19, with mana node activated, will charge in 9 tiles with a lvl17 Purple mana troop… my mono purple improved a lot when I got Proteus up that high!)

for the rest, each has their uses…

Horghall, Quintus, Elena could be useful in Very Fast / Rush attack formats. Khagan, if you combine with Elena, could also be useful with his mana boost… and I think all would be useful on the world map, though it seems like raids are your priority.

the only one I would recommend feeding into Hero Academy is 3rd Joon, just because you already have 2 others.

Although if you’re OK with feeding the rest, without having dupes, Horghall would be my pick as you already do have a +20 Skittleskull, who does basically the same thing only starting out with 4* stats.

Hope this helps!


Hi @sleepyhead,

Thank you for your input. It is much appreciated. My issue is I’ve playing for a couple of years as a mostly F2P and only now approaching having my 4* mats for my third 5* of each color. I really don’t want to waste them on a hero that won’t make a difference in multiple areas of the game. I also just kinda hate slow heroes and upgrading them just for rush tournaments seems like not the best use of my resources. I’d also really rather not upgrade a hero that I’m not pumped about. The times I’ve done this before have always felt like a bit of a waste of time and resources. Dom for example I upgraded and took to +7 and was always disappointed in her lackluster hit and limited dispel and holy defense at average speed. Some of these heroes I might consider for my fourth or fifth maxed 5* but for my third I feel from experience that I need to hold out for someone pretty decent. Particularly as at my current rate it’ll take me another 9 months to have the mats for my 4th 5*.

Thanks again for all the advice,


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In general, some of the usefulness may change if you get costumes. For example, with costume bonus and emblems, my Domitia has over 820 attack (840 when costumed).
That aside, I tend to keep all unique heroes and look to retraining duplicates, so Joon would be the first to go, followed by Horghall.

As @sleepyhead mentioned, you’ll want depth for Ninja Tower and Wars.

At your stage it may be a luxury to ascend slow heroes for rush wars and tournaments, but don’t discount them. Khagan hits hard when he fires and then gives a mana boost. On a rush defense, he is one of those more obtainable great heroes (although he eludes me). While I don’t use riposters much, they have a place, particularly when dealing with defenses that have AoE attacks. Also, Elena has a high attack stat which makes her good for your titan team.

Not much to say about Thorne and Obakan as I’ve only recently decided to do the final ascension on them, but they will have some use.


Thanks @Quinn3. Agreed on costumes. They make a huge difference. As far as war/ninja tour is concerned I only have 23 maxed 4* so I mostly focusing on getting more right now as well as maxing the 3s that I’ve pulled costumes for and other uniques. In war I usually find I end up having to use some 3 against tanks later on but I play in an alliance of 1 so it’s a bit of a different scenario for me. I just don’t really have the time to commit to the ninja tower so I’ll usually only do a bit and get some cheap emblems. Thorne and Obakan my only experience is facing them in raid/war defense. In that setting Obakan lives up to his reputation but Thorne hits like a truck when he goes off and when paired with attack buff/defense debuff must be savage.

Thanks again,


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Just a suggestion, you should consider joining a larger alliance to increase the chance of getting more ascension materials. Just participating in higher level titans will help.

No arguments from me about building up your 3 and 4 star depth. That’s how I built my roster and would add the 5* heroes as they trickled in.


I know. I used to be part of a great alliance with @IvyTheTerrible. Just got to be to much of a time commitment. I really like the flexibility of being bale to put the game down for a week or so if I need to and not feel guilty for missing titans and wars. I’m happy to go at my own pace right now. I teach full time and am getting my Masters, maybe once the semesters over I’ll see if I can find a low key alliance that will take me on for the summer.

Ah, fair enough.
If you are interested in such an alliance you can PM me for some details about our alliance. Not too much pressure on most players unless you sign up for wars.

Thanks @Quinn3! I’ll keep you in mind

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