Come join Minotaurds! 12* & 13* Titan killers

Minotaurds is looking for 4 members for our active alliance. We have many high level knowledgeable players that enjoy talking about strategy and heroes. Although pretty laidback, we also hate letting titans escape and love winning wars!

Alliance comprised of adults, and while not required many are P2P or C2P. Members range from levels in the 40s to the 70s. Several members have been ranked #1 Globally in raids, while others have broken the top 10.

We are currently taking down 12 and 13* titans. Once we fill out 13/14* should be on the table. We use the line app but it is not required


-4K D-team

-2400 cups (to get in, does not need to be maintained)

-75k avg on titans

-Use of ALL war hits (we are an adult alliance, we understand sometimes life happens. We just ask to opt out if unable to use all hits)

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