Colen or jahangir

I have both just recently! And have an opportunity to level one or the other!
the 4* is better than the 3* but I’m looking at it long term in mats on the 4* as would it be worth it? When the 3* ain’t too bad!

If you don’t already have at least 2 maxed red 3*, then Jahangir. Especially if you don’t already have the mats to max Colen.


Got 2 max 3* hawkmoon Nakamege

I haven’t even begun on levelling the Colen or jahangir! It’s who worth worth it in the long run!
Is Colen worth putting the mats into it or can a jahangir basically do the same enough job when maxed?

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I would say to go with colen until 3.60. Colen is stronger than jahangir and after some time (lots of months playing) you won’t use your 3* anymore (except for events and tourneys).

But when i started getting my 3* maxed, jahangir was essential on my team. It all depends on what you have… Namahage is good and so is Azar.

What are your other heroes?

I’d go with Colen. Jahanagir was my first 3* Red, and Colen my first 4* Red. Jahanagir only comes out in 3* tourneys and the like now that I have more 3* and 4* Red.

Yeah I’m lacking on 4* red only got me falcon who I can’t ascend yet!

Red- g.falcon hawkmoon namage Colen Jahangir alzar

Green - kresheek little john gobbler belith ceadom mnssues

Blue- gato kiril ulmer valen karil Grimm Athena

Yellow- bane chao melina Dana some panda 3*

Purple- cyprian Oberon gilra Chocin tyrum bataliser ghost girl

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It’s very important to have a rainbow team of 3* first, less use of resources and them 4*.

Which of these heroes are maxed?
And do you have azlar (lion) or azar (girl)? Azar is better than jahangir. I’d go with her.


Nice heroes you have!

Little john

Great for the future

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