Heroes - Whom to Level


I am very confused with whom to Level and whom to use.


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Melendor should be your priority.
A 4* healer is always helpful. After some time you’ll get better heroes than 3* Nashgar and Hawkmoon.

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Sounds like you are a newer player…if you haven’t already you might want to check out the player guides category and these in specific:

I think you mean Nashgar and not Kashgar. I would focus on Kash and Malendor. Hawkmoon is a decent 3 star healer but Malendor is a good 4 star healer and you will use him for far longer than you will use Hawkmoon. Nashgar is a good three star attacker. You will ultimately replace him, but he will carry you for a few months and you will end up using him in wars when you do replace him with a 4 or 5 star red.


Thanks a ton :slight_smile: Last question for the day.
What about Colen - just got him today.

Colen’s decent, and worth it if you don’t have any other 4 star reds.

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Hi, yes don’y have any other 4 star Red. But his damage is only 145% whereas Nashgar a 3* red does 270% damage. Any thoughts ? Am I reading this correct ?

For now yes. But they can both improve via level ups.

Colen’s is 145%, once his skill improves it’ll be 180%, +330 damage over 6 turns after that. Nashgar’s max damage from his skill 290%, +120 damage over 6 turns.

Also the damage % is a multiplier on your hero’s attack stat. Colen’s max attack (before any class emblems are used) is 728. Nashgar’s is 514.

728 x 1.8 = 1,310 base damage
514 x 2.9 = 1490 base damage

However, you also have to consider that Colen hits every enemy, whereas Nashgar only hits one enemy. Also note that Colen’s burn deals more damage than Nashgars over the 6 turns.

You can level up both for now too. Nothing wrong with having two red attackers.


270% damage, single target. (290% when maxed)
145% damage, targets all. (180% when maxed)

Those 270/145% applies to the hero’s attack stat. Colen is way better.

Actually, rule of thumb: every 4-star is better than his/her 3-star counterpart.


Thanks DaveCozy :slight_smile:

My Grid. I use Nashgar/Valen, Melendor , Obakan, Leonidas, Caedmon
In this order.

I’ve just got Colen today so will start levelling him up. Any suggestions otherwise ?


Did you manage to merge Nashgar and Kashhreg? :wink:

Colen is good through platinum and you will use him long after that in wars. I would level him.


Well for sure keep leveling Melendor. He’s going to be in your team for a long while.

Since we’re going to get an event quest soon, my advice would be to level up a couple 3stars. I would focus on Nashgar, Valen, Balthazar, Hawkmoon, and Bane first. After that you can level up Brienne (she’s good, but the upcoming event will have a green shield which lets some enemies reflect green damage). That way you’ll at least be able to clear the beginner tier, where you are only allowed to use 3 star heroes and 2 star troops. Keep them in your bench and only bring them out during the beginner tiers of event quests.

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hi Girlthebest Malendor is best debuffer green hero you must levelled it … enjoy


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