How is the [ match bonus ] calculated?

I did not find any topic that talks about an actual way of how it was calculated or how it was raised … Maybe I did not look well

I’ll comment to be notified and maybe learn it too.

But like all other calculations probably it’s too complicated and hidden. Plus some random multiplier elements the game will choose based on its humor. :sweat_smile:

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I do not know specific calculations but I will say this:

The more smaller matches you make, the better your average.
For example, it is better to have 5-6 three or four match combos then two 8 or 9 combos and a bunch of singles.

One way to achieve the better match bonuses:

  1. replay until you get a godly starting board that lets you create a gem in a single move
  2. play that gem, hope for a decent cascade and light your heroes up. Fire away all specials
  3. Try to finish wave 2 in as few moves as possible,
  4. Fire away items to reduce the need to make matches on the bosses (which will bring down your match score)

It’s a matter of trial,trial,trial,trial,trial,trial,error,error,error…

But with that method you can generally get high match bonuses.


Rule of thumb that I found to work reasonably consistently is that the faster you finish the stage with just tiles (minimal skill usage, no items), the higher match bonus you’ll receive.

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I think that is, by default, incorrect.

The match bonus is calculated by the average. The more matches you make, the more chance you are making singles, which brings down your overall score.

The fewer matches you make of higher total cascades, the better your score.


Here is a link with a lot of math.

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Somehow I doubt that, because my match bonus is pretty much non-existent when I bombard the boss with items.


Try this video

Although challenge events have evolved, the scoring system remains the same.

@Wharflord won a few events back in the day

Challenge Event Strategy Reveal


You need to make at least one match. If you make zero matches and kill everything with items only your match score is zero

If you make a few matches with no cascades then your match score will be very low, regardless of the number of items used. I suspect that when you are using a ton of items you aren’t paying attention to getting cascades so your match score drops.

Practically, getting a low time is extremely important but you need to do it with a good match score if you are trying to compete in the highest levels

Your rule of thumb seems reasonable because in order to finish levels quickly with no items you need to have cascades to finish off the enemies and this will give you a high match score. That being said there are methods that use a lot of items and give you a high match score at the same time


This is the point.
If @Eldente had been paying attention to the point I was making, it was that you make as many cascades as possible (starting with the strong color diamond at the beginning) so that, when you get to the bosses, you are trying to ‘preserve’ your tile match score.

But y’know. I suppose even the label on a soda can needs a TL;DR.

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I understood your point, but I was skeptical about the “average” part because of anecdotal experience, and thought instead it related to the total number of combos/matches instead.

I now stand corrected, and you were right.

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All is well. It’s often so hard and takes so much time to replay to get the boards that you want in these bloody events.
I’ll be playing and see a few really good cascades and then “whaaa…” only see an 8k match score.
Or I’ll get a bunch of cascades, know I’m over on time but have to finish because I get the chest and want my coin… only to see that time, match bonus doesn’t come close to the chest bonus.

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